SoundCloud data added

Officially licensed and monetized plays occurring on the music streaming giant SoundCloud will now be factored into the United Kingdom’s Official Albums and Singles Charts.

The Berlin-based website Soundcloud is currently the Internet’s largest audio distribution platform. Started in 2007, the site has grown to be popular with artists of all genres of music, most notably electronic music producers and hip-hop artists.

While the website was once known for its ‘bootleg’ songs and remixes of questionable legality, SoundCloud has shed that image by partnering with major record labels to officially stream and license music.

SoundCloud’s streaming information will be added to sales figures calculated by the Official Charts Company. The changes take effect as of the September 21 2018 charts update.

SoundCloud streams will be included in The Official Singles Chart, The Official Albums chart, and The Official Independent Singles Chart for both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

SoundCloud plays are not the only new streaming metric to affect the charts – YouTube views have counted towards UK’s Official Singles Chart since July of 2018.

The charts are compiled by the Official Charts Company on behalf of the British music industry and the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA).

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