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What is Illuminati?

The Illuminati have been a hot topic since past few years. I’m sure most of us know about Illuminati, but still many people don’t know about it. It is a secret society, believed as a satanic group or groups that work to bring a new world order.

It is considered as an evil society where people follow and worship satan, and work to take control of the world and they do anything good or bad for this mission. This has been a mystery for many years that do Illuminati really exist?

Generally, it is considered as the members of Illuminati give their souls to Satan, and get benefits like money, power. So that’s a little intro of Illuminati. This society became a hot topic. Many Celebs and famous people were pointed. Successful people in any field are blamed to be Illuminati. So common people also thought to join Illuminati.

Spams and Scams:

When spammers saw this is going to be a hot topic, they started fake membership campaigns to join Illuminati. How they do it? It’s quite simple. Many fake websites who used to mention themselves as Illuminati Official Site.

These sites are active on the internet to spam people. They offer you to join Illuminati by registering to that so-called official site. But this registration isn’t for free. You’ve to pay a Membership fee. There was nothing after becoming a member, except some emails and newsletters. They send notifications to tell you how many people are joining us.

Gadgets and Offers:

These spam sites send you daily notifications. To make more money from their members, they offer different gadgets. They offer you to buy chains, dock tags, bracelets with Illuminati symbols.

So you should believe and tell your friends that you’re a member of Illuminati. In short, these fake Illuminati sites try to fool people and make money off them in different ways.


The Truth:

First of all, Illuminati is considered as a mystery, on the boundary of Myth and Reality. In case, this society is really active, it is still a secret society. Every person can’t join the society. It is widely believed that Illuminati recruits people who have some special skills that can prove useful for their mission.

The membership depends on skills, intelligence, or any special talent. The most important point is the member must have an Evil mentality, or he’s disappointed by his life. The process of membership is not known to anyone. No one knows how they approach you.

So Please, Don’t Waste your time and money on such spam sites. Yet Illuminati is an evil society, for instance, a person joins it. He’ll sell his soul to Satan, and the good person inside that guy will die forever. He’ll Become a slave of evil. So do something for the benefit of people, and better spend your money in charity than wasting it on such forums.