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Finding sports highlights on the web can be difficult because of copyright laws and content that focuses on analysis and not highlights. We gathered up a list of the best Youtube Alternatives that focus on sports highlights and shared our thoughts on each of them.

1) Highlight Hub

Highlight Hub is a Youtube Alternatives site that focuses only on sports highlights. The site is easy to navigate and has a decent amount of content in HD. The issue is that they do not have a big user base so videos are not uploaded regularly. There are ‘latest’ videos from 3 months ago. If you want to check out the latest sports highlights this is not the place to go and find them.


-The site is easy to navigate


-Content not updated regularly -Content does not seem consistent

2) Dailymotion

Dailymotion regularly posts videos uploaded by users and businesses that cover a large variety of sports all over the world. Dailymotion videos load quickly but their site is too similar to YouTube to truly differentiate itself from the giant. There are no categories once you get into the sports section which can make finding your favorite sport or team difficult. The search function on Dailymotion is difficult to find which is another roadblock in the quest to find highlights for your team or sport.


-The videos load fast and are in HD
-The videos are focused on sports highlights Cons:
-The search function is difficult to use -There are no categories

3) Sky Sports

Sky Sports offers an entire section of their website dedicated to video content. They offer well made videos about a variety of different sports but most of them are European and there is not much focus on American sports. Another issue is that a majority of the content is focused on commentary and analysis instead of just sports highlights. There are no categories to break down the video section which makes the site more difficult to navigate.


-High Quality Content


-Focus is on analysis and not sports highlights -More traditional website

4) Sport.Video

Sport.Video is an interesting service that allows users an easy way to upload their own sports highlight clips from anywhere. They can upload highlights of their children’s tennis match for their relatives to check out on a central platform. This is wonderful for parents who want to share live updates with family members. This platform is not great for professional teams as the website can be tricky to use, there are better resources for professional teams out there.


-Easy to use
-Good for amateur and small teams
-You have to pay in order to have the best service -Not great for professional teams
-Website difficult to navigate

5) Instagram

Instagram? House of Highlights is an Instagram account that boasts over 10 million followers. They have quickly risen to fame and differentiated themselves from other websites that focus on sports highlights. This is not a traditional account and it relies on humor to gain an audience. They do not show highlights from around the world, they focus mostly on US sports. But, with an audience of 10 million they have the ability to reach a huge audience and their videos regularly get millions of views. Bleacher Report bought House of Highlights back in 2015 and have let it grow naturally while supporting its founders.


-Interesting way to show sports highlights


-No easy way to search for sports
-Does not cover all sports
-Limited content because it is on Instagram

6) Roar Tube

Roar Tube is a great new site that focuses just on sports highlights. There is new content being uploaded every single day that is quickly making the website a go to place to watch sports highlights. Roar Tube is extremely easy to navigate and their interface is very easy to use. You can easily find the sports highlights that you are looking for by either using their search function or going through their categories.


-Videos are focused on sports highlights
-Categories and search make it easy to find certain highlights -Free and there are no ads
-Relatively new site so there is not much older content

Sports highlights are difficult to find without any commentary or analysis added in but Roar Tube is one of the few places on the internet that you can go to find just sports highlights.

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