Strategies For Increasing Instagram Engagement

For businesses and brands who want to make it big in the industry, engagement is a key element that must be addressed. When it comes to engagement in social media, nothing is bigger than Instagram. Therefore, if you’re looking to succeed on social media you’ll need to think of strategies on how to engage your audience on Instagram.

Here are some proven strategies on how you can get people to interact:

Get The Timing Right

You may have a killer Instagram post but then all that goes to waste if you post it at the wrong time. Timing is everything, and in this case you’ll need to try and see what time your followers are most active via a few test posts, then using an analytics tools to see how they perform.

Connect With Your Audience

Instagram likes is a base metric of whether or not your audience is engaged. By learning how to get free likes on Instagram, you’ll be sure to create a snowball effect, which can give you the chance to become viral, attract more people and turn in a profit. At the same time, commenting meaningfully when you can is sure to increase responses and a quality interaction.

Make Captions Count

Instagram is a social media platform that puts emphasis on photos, but don’t forget that captions can play a large part in the presentation. Custom-tailor your captions according to your brand image and use it encourage your followers to perform an action, such as dropping in a comment or tagging a friend.

Host A Contest

Nothing encourages participation more than a contest would, especially if you post it on social media. People want to win free stuff and get discounts on their favorite items. Put some thought and effort on how you can promote your brand by encouraging your followers to join your contest, and you’ll soon see an improvement in engagement and possibly follower count.

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