E-Bike's Surge in Popularity

E-bikes are making a huge wave all over the world, and as such there’s an ever-growing demand for it. In Sweden, 1 out of 10 bikes sold are of the electric variety. In fact, the elcykel has replaced 2016’s virtual reality glasses as the Christmas present of the year in 2017. Aside from being a great way to ride around town, electric bicycles have the potential to change behavior and society’s infrastructure itself for the better.

Check out the following upsides to riding an elcykel:

They’re A LOT Of Fun To Ride

Ebikes are excellent for health, fitness and the environment because they emit zero pollution. People of all walks of life can go ride in one, and there’s always the possibility of riding together for good, clean fun. Bicycles are low-impact exercise machines that are gentle on the joints. Plus, you can look and appreciate nature while riding around in a leisure manner.

They’re Extremely Economical

Is there such a thing as a fare that’s lower than public transportation? An electric bicycle can do everything that a traditional bike can, if not better. You won’t have to struggle so much on an uphill climb as you go to work. Rush hour and traffic is no longer a factor. Riding on an elcykel eliminates road stress and it enables you to get around from one place to another without having to purchase fuel, maintain an automobile or having to sit in a crowded public vehicle.

They’re Really Affordable

In February, Sweden has introduced the Electric Vehicle Premium, which gives its citizens greatly discounted rates on electric bicycles and motorcycles by 25 percent on a maximum of €1000, or 10,000 krona to Swedish residents who are aged 18 and up.

They’ll Take You To Great Distances

Increased battery life and bike innovations have propelled e-bikes to greater distances. You’ll now be able to go 50 kilometers on a single battery charge. Furthermore, you can control the power or operate in the no power assist mode depending on your needs. You can go further and discover more at your own leisure.

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