Dedicated Server

It makes total sense for startup companies to opt with shared hosting for setting up their online presence. After all, it’s cheap, it works and there will be time to upgrade later.

Right? Wrong.

As with any business website, the more visitors you have, the more taxed your server becomes. When you start growing and adding more features such as transactions, live chat and others, the weight becomes too great, and soon, performance and loading times start to suffer.

Then, when you experience freezing, hanging and downtime, you’ll start wishing you invested in dedicated servers.

You’ll need a dedicated server to handle management-intensive tasks and the inevitable high-volume traffic that comes and goes through your website everyday.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

While dedicated servers are better than shared hosting in terms of coping with online load and scale, they are more expensive to maintain. But here’s the main point- if you’re considering switching to a dedicated server, then chances are that you’re making money and you’re getting loads of visitors, which should justify the decision.

Hosting your business on a dedicated server means you won’t have to share with other web owners. Potentially, you’re able to utilize 100 percent for managing transactions and making sure that your site performs fluidly even during peak times. Among the benefits you get from dedicated hosting include greater bandwidth and scalability. In short, you can opt for a faster and bigger server whenever you need it.

Let’s talk about security. In a dedicated server, you get a full plethora of security features that are lacking in a shared environment. When the site you’re sharing with gets infected, chances are that it could affect your site as well.

You can also opt for a dedicated support staff to handle your server-side needs most of the day. This becomes essential if you want to concentrate on running the business and not troubleshooting site problems.

Launched your business with a shared hosting and now have room to grow? Don’t hesitate to get a dedicated server. Visitors reward a well-designed, responsive website with their business and loyalty, which leads to profitability and good brand exposure.

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