15ft trampoline

Fitness gadgets are a dime a dozen, and some are better than others. Take a look at these fun devices that will make you look forward to your next session.


There’s quite nothing like bouncing and jumping to shed off those extra pounds. A trampoline provides good fun for the whole family. A 15ft trampoline works best if you have a budding gymnast or simply want to bounce around without worries. It can handle plenty of weight when your kids have friends over or if you’re going for a fun family time. Get an enclosure for added safety so that no one falls off.

Finis Neptune

Music has always been a great company for athletes and sports or fitness enthusiasts. It can serve as a motivator, allowing you to run that extra mile. The only problem is, music and water don’t really go well together. Until now.

Finis Neptune is a device that can be attached to an eyewear, i.e., swimming goggles, and uses bone conduction technology to deliver audio straight to your ears. Even when you’re underwater, you’ll be able to hear music without resorting to earbuds.

Wii Fit U

Video games today aren’t exclusive to couch potatoes anymore. Case in point- the Wii Fit U encourages gamers to get up on their feet and move their body around for better health and scoring in-game achievements. There’s a whole lot of different fitness exercises to try, from balance to yoga and everything in between. You can also follow a pre-set dance routine to get that sweat going.

Jump Rope

It’s portable, cheap and works really well. The weighted jump rope can be classified as one of the best fitness equipment around, where weights can be swapped to your preference. Lighter materials are good for speed work, while heavy ones are made for strength training. Speed skipping improves endurance, coordination and agility over time, which can become handy when the need arises.

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