Online Education

Since the year 2000, it has been found that online learning had an edge over traditional, classroom-based learning.

In 2010, a review published by the US Department of Education stated that online learning was just as effective, if not better, than face-to-face interactions [source:]

Advancements in technology can make online learning the go-to medium in the upcoming years. Here’s how technology can improve online learning and overall education quality:

Individualized Learning For Every Student

Technology can completely alter the learning environment and make it better for individualized learning. The added flexibility allows the educator to match the individual’s talents, unique abilities and needs and come up with a personal learning style. Educators will no longer have to think of a one-size-fits-all model, improving learning and lowering overall costs.

Provide Cost-Efficient, Highly Informative Study Tools

Technology can help with homework, assignments and written work. For example, in CPA field, the frequent changes in tax law and accounting standards require constantly updated content. Candidates gain complete access to books, video lectures and online courses for optimal practice and study. Individuals can pass all four of their CPA exams with the help of the best online CPA exam prep courses available. Be wary of old, outdated courses where you could end up wasting hundreds of dollars for nothing, so acquire your resources only from reliable sites.

Homeschooling Becomes More Accessible

Technology has provided us new teaching tools right in the comfort of our own homes. Digital learning resources are reaching all-time highs. As such, there’s a growing number of homeschooled students. While homeschooling tends to be stereotyped for students who shy away or have particular needs, the online learning environment has become a platform for students who are limited by their grade level.

Online Communities Promote Interaction With Students World Over

Traditional communication methods such as boards, email and announcements get improvements each passing year. It’s not uncommon for students to set up learning during their most convenient time and in their preferred setting. Shy students can now ask questions and learn better via popular social media platforms and similar communities.

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