The abbreviations and acronyms of SEO that you must know:

Search Engine Optimization, the term that has been the world of internet in the recent decade has seen a lot of development and in terms that no one can measure. But with this innovative technology and extreme development, comes the responsibility of knowing the details of the SEO and the vast SEO abbreviations and acronyms too.

Here are some of the so many abbreviations that we have:

  1. B2B: Business to business.

The interaction of the businesses with different businesses are just termed with B2B, without using a lot of space to define this.

  1. B2C: Business to consumer.

The interaction between a business and its customer is this abbreviation in SEO.

  1. CAPTCHA: Completely automated Public Turing Test to tell computers and humans apart.

This is done in order to avoid confusion between a human and a computer or a robot. This is also something that we have “I am not a robot” confirmation.

  1. CRM: Customer relationship management:

The customers and their relationship with the firms is very important. There’s a different department altogether that takes care of the relationship with the firm.

  1. CTR: Click through rate:

The rate of clicks on a website, per unit time is called as the CTR and is mainly used in the companies to tell apart the number of clicks on their sites or apps.

  1. ESP: Email service provider:

The service providing of the mails and the email site is the ESP.

  1. FCP: Frequently cached pages.

There are certain pages that are cached by many computers. This term defines the pages that have been maximum in the cache list of the computers.

  1. FFA: Free for all pages:
  2. GSC: Google Search Console:

The Google search Console plays an important role in the SEO. Unique to the Google search engines, this is mainly for the search consoles.

  1. HTML: Hyper Text Markup language.

The language used in most of the coding and other computer related activities, concerning the search engines is termed as HTML. This has become a major part of the SEO world now.

  1. HTTP: Hyper text transfer protocol:

The HTTP is the one you find when you search something on the search engines. The redirection or the transfer of the person to the certain page is known as HTTP.

  1. IM: Internet marketing:

This is another different sector altogether. The Internet Marketing is the one where we can shop, buy, sell and even just look for things across the globe. The market, as well as the marketing of businesses and brands is the IM.

  1. IP: Internet Protocol:

The address to each laptop and computer that makes it unique is the IP address that we all are aware of.

  1. ISP: Internet service providers

There are companies that provide internet facilities to the customers. They are the ones who have towers and are responsible for all the network connections that we use.

  1. JGI: Just Google It:

The Just Google it is the one that we say and use in everyday life. Rather than using all of the sentence, one can just use the abbreviation- making it short and simple.

These were only 15 of the 300+ SEO abbreviations and acronyms that exist in the world of the internet and the optimization techniques. If you were to Google the abbreviations, you will find an ocean of the same. The fact being, all these abbreviations and the acronyms are actually used in everyday life of the IT companies and the firms that deal with SEO daily.

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