The Alliance between Nexo and BNB Binen Token

Since July 1, 2018, the Nexo platform has begun receiving BNB currency from Binance, as a guarantee of instant loans supported by encryption. Binance is ready for a new decentralized exchange where tokens play a very important role.

This new alliance was appreciated by CEO Binance, CZ. The platform association with Nexo highlighted that loans have begun to receive BNBs as collateral for loans.

This platform offers instant loans supported by cryptocurrency. This gives owners the opportunity to encrypt devices, the best way to unlock the value of their ownership and gain access to instant money by lending their assets instead of selling them.

That there is an Nexus and Binance alliance, adds a great deal of interest to many users and this is shown by a survey conducted before the sale of several Nexo cards, which showed that the world’s largest cryptographic exchange was the preferred destination for respondents for cryptographic investment. The alliance affects the stock market reaction, fostering new hope for a lot of market participants.

In this case, the Nexus team decided to give value to both platforms by giving BNB currency holders the ability to access instant cash on their assets, while maintaining the potential increase in their BNB currency. Under the Nexo agreement, Binance executives are entitled to a 50% discount on their first loan and can choose to use BNB or Nexo as collateral.

To increase demand, Binance will continue to buy BNB tokens to continue to increase its liquidity. In addition, he has crypto-fiduciary colleagues added to the platform and is expected to be an element of change in the cryptosphere in the future.

According to the company itself, this instant loan supported by cryptocurrency is an automatic, flexible and profitable step to get a guarantee of current liquidity, besides that they will not include hidden commissions, taxes on capital gains or credit verification.

Nexo uses an original business model where users can maintain 100% ownership of their digital assets while having direct access to cash, this project is undoubtedly attracting attention.

BNB Coins and Nexus Dividend Tokens share a certain perspective, in the BNB section we can highlight the historical performance of the currency, which makes it superior to currencies such as BTC and Ether, this quality remains stable and strong highlights BNB as a safe place , comparable to the quality and benefits that make Binance stand out as a business model.

On the other hand, Nexo Tokens is supported by assets that pay 30% of the company’s profits as passive income in the form of dividends, and are also considered a safe haven by the community of cryptographers.

This undoubtedly highlights the usefulness of BNB Tokens to get loans with Nexo, allowing each cardholder to borrow their coins instead of throwing them away, removing sales pressure from exchanges, providing additional utilities for cards and ensuring the real application of digital assets, which is something that is very important for the cryptographic community, therefore, makes it very interesting.

In simple words, every user who wants to access Nexo loans, uses Binance Tokens, can maintain their BNB currency, obeys, of course, with all processes to access the loan and additionally accepts the terms and conditions.

Apart from this alliance, Nexo continues to expand the reach of its cryptographic assets, currently, around 26 companies have sent their requests to Nexo so that crypto assets are added to this platform. Nexus with more than 10 years of experience in each of its domains makes users like it more because of its functionality and efficiency.

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