iPhone Parental Control App

Monitoring your child’s activity on the web and on his or her iPhone is one of the newest responsibilities a parent must do. Technology can definitely help your child if used the right way, but it can be a double-edged sword that causes harm if not used properly. It’s highly recommended that users always check and see if an app can be trusted before downloading or opening it.

Family Orbit provides an iPhone parental monitoring software with comprehensive features that’s safe for families to use. It’s an all-in-one app that won’t install or need any other app to work. A connection is established between the app and your kid’s iCloud server, allowing you to retrieve all their iOS usage, photos and the like. Best of all, Family Orbit is 100% compatible with the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

With Family Orbit, you can track:

Calls. Outgoing and incoming calls and all their details, including duration, number and date will be recorded.

Text Messages. iMessages, received and sent SMS, deleted SMS and even chat history with WhatsApp can be tracked.

Photos. You can view images saved and photos caught using your child’s iPhone.

Apps Installed. Get a complete view of all the apps they’ve installed, opened and accessed.

Location. iPhone location history is saved, including important details such as date and time. You can use the Family Orbit app to know your child’s whereabouts in real-time.

Websites. Monitor your child’s browsing history and habits with Family Orbit by viewing their visited URLs and when they accessed the particular site.

Protect your child by making sure he or she isn’t abusing their internet privileges or undertaking some sort of undesirable behavior. All you need to do to try Family Orbit for free is sign up and install, then start tracking for ultimate peace of mind.

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