NFL Themed Apps

If you hadn’t noticed, the NFL season 2018 is currently in full swing. The pre-season hype is well and truly over and we’re now into those first few weeks during which the teams traditionally find their feet, get accustomed to the new players and generally find the best way to work together for the coming months.

Of course, there are plenty of apps out there to enhance your experience of the game, so we thought this an opportune moment to survey the market and take a look at some of the best NFL themed apps for you to download right now.

NFL Mobile

Best NFL Themed Apps

An obvious starting point is the official app from the NFL. The name isn’t too original, but when you’re as big and established at the NFL there’s no particular demand for a quirky name to sell your product. This app is straight-forward enough; it allows you to watch the games and to keep up with all the latest news. It also offers highlights from the teams as they progress through the season. The nice thing about this one is that it works well alongside the two other official tech offerings from the NFL team: NFL Fantasy and NFL Game Pass.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

If you are into your fantasy football, however, the ESPN product probably has a slight edge over the NFL Fantasy app. ESPN Fantasy Sports allows you to really get stuck into the off-field side of the game and get a better feel of what it’s like to be in charge of a major NFL franchise. Working your strategy, building up the perfect roster and knowing when to let players go and exactly who to pick is as much a part of the modern game as the fundamentals of passing and running. If you combine your approach to this with up-to-date NFL statistics you end up with a really enjoyable simulation.

Madden NFL Overdrive

Sticking with the games theme then, Madden NFL Overdrive is a great app from EA Sports. Everyone knows about the Madden video games, which have been going for decades now, but the app is a little different. Of course, it can’t really compete with what you get on a games console because of the hardware differences. (Remember that a console is built specifically for gaming, whereas a mobile or tablet is in effect a kind of multi-purpose tool.) Having said this, the game is impressive and still manages to get your adrenalin pumping. OK, the graphics might not be the best and the player movements might not be quite as realistic as they are on the console, but overall this is a good product. It’s not an especially complementary thing to say about a game from the venerated giant that is EA, but this one is particularly handy for when you need to fill in all that time spent sitting through commercial breaks during the games!

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