The Current State of Cell Phone Repair in America

Both iPhone repair and cell phone repair in general, have been around Fort Wayne, Indiana for over a decade now. In the beginning, insurance deductibles were on the rise and most cell phone repairs were under $100. The best iPhone, in 2010 was around $500 to buy and $80 to fix a badly broken screen. Innovations like 3g internet, good cameras, better touch screens, clearer displays and Bluetooth were all the rage.

Fast Forward to today. The best iPhone costs $1500 and is over $300 to fix the screen on that same phone. The best Samsung cost nearly $2000 and most screens are in excess of $300, even on older models. At Cell Phone City, in 2010 the most expensive iPhone screen was $80 and now the cheapest iPhone screen repair is $80. Even a lot of the repairs that were “fixable” in the past are now caused by circuit board failures or software errors. Circuit board failure and software errors now accounts for more than 20% of the quote requests, Cell Phone City receives on a daily basis. Circuit boards are not impossible to fix, but it is a specialty, called micro-soldering) that only experts are suggested to try. Many times, inexperienced circuit board repairs can cause more damage than originally present. Micro-soldering is a skilled trade and must be practiced every day.

The cell phone repair industry in 2019 and beyond is bound to see some major structural changes. The increased operating costs are causing bigger companies to grow their footprint and the small, more consumer focused, businesses to die out. The old days of going to the local cell phone repair shop to get your phone fixed are transitioning toward going to that big chain store, scheduling an appointment, waiting in line, waiting several hours for your phone back and then paying significantly more for that experience.

The new way of getting your cell phone repaired, is just that, the new way. It is not bad and it is not good, it just is. As a consumer, you will be spending more out of your pocket, but you should be getting a higher quality repair, and a more dependable service.

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