The Difference Technology Has Made In The Beauty Industry

Technology has made positive impacts in the beauty industry, namely augmented reality, logistics and the Internet of Things, among others.

Take a look at how technology brought about change with the following:

Virtual Makeovers

Virtual makeovers allow one to “try” a makeup or a shade of lipstick before buying them. This technology can be used to simulate different hairstyles, nail polish and other cosmetics even in an online setting. Today, 3D printers can now recreate makeup of various shades, hues and color gradations for near-instantaneous feedback.

Aesthetic Treatments

Skin can be made to look younger, thanks to RF skin tightening, mild chemical peel, IPL rejuvenation, hydrafacial treatment and others. For discerning clients, advanced beauty treatments such as skin resurfacing and rejuvenation laser can take off years of aging and present a youthful glow. Injection treatment plans, i.e., skin boosters and Rejuran Healing are wonderful examples of modern beauty technology.

For skin-lifting procedures, individuals can start with RF lifting and HIFU that’s non-invasive and yet effective. You can still opt for needle techniques such as thread lift or filler lift for immediate, satisfactory results. A good aesthetic clinic Singapore can help choose the best one for your beauty and cosmetic needs.

Online Data Gathering

Beauty products and cosmetics are personal products in nature, and thus gathering data can be very time-consuming. Technology, namely big data can help brands gather details that can make their products work better for a wider audience. Online data gathering can be tuned towards beauty content for marketing purposes.

Sustainable Innovations

Technology can also improve sustainability in several aspects, including packaging, material, sourcing and recycling. For instance, a formula’s carbon footprint may be reduced by opting for renewable ingredients instead of synthetic ones. Researchers can find out which naturally occurring material is safe for human use and is harmless for Mother Earth at the same time.

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