The GTA's Diamond: Pixels and Cash

The GTA’s Diamond Casino has been an elusive goal for many GTA players. Going back all the way to 2013 when the Diamond Casino & Resort in downtown Vinewood arrived, players have been actively trying to catch a glimpse of the digital glamour behind. Well, for reasons that Rockstar knows, the official launch for the casino happened a few years after.

Since June, the Diamond Casino has been all the rage. True, a lot has happened in iGaming in the past few months, but Rockstar definitely stole all the thunder. For those of us who remember the clunky game version from 2013, GTA has definitely made big strides in reinventing itself, but is opening a casino today such a good idea after all?

From Real World To Virtual World

If you have ever played GTA you know it’s about violence and operating outside the law. But now there is a peaceful alternative at the Diamond Casino & Resort. Not only is this the most peaceful place in the entire world of GTA right now but this digital corner, designed for escapists, is actually inspired by a real-world casino venue. For the first time ever in the world of GTA you would be able to visit a neat venue without any ulterior motive. Yes, the casino is not about you play acting your criminality. It’s about you having fun as a patron. Who would have thought?

The entire world of GTA is unique insofar as it allows you to build your alter ego. And just like you would walk down the casino floor in Las Vegas, so does the Diamond Casino in GTA capture some very specific and almost life-like ambiance, unique only to it.

There are the failed gamblers, nervous characters simply sitting down for a drink and even tourists coming in to see and have a great time themselves.

Going Broke and Loving It

So it’s not always about the gambling itself. Rockstar don’t expect to make millionaires out of you. Not in the slightest. GTA’s Diamond Casino could be considered a sweet relief for many gambling enthusiasts out there.

Take for example how complex the character building system has become since 2013 and how pleasant it feels to be part of this alternative world – not too much unlike our own, but where you can enjoy quite a bit and not face any consequences.

It’s that distilled reality that GTA has been able to exploit so well. Players involved in the game are already connected to a world that is very inviting and allows them to get away with their quirks – which are not always orthodox.

The realism is there – vibrant and ever-living – and now all you have to do is place your wager. And then another one comes, and another. But for some reason, going broke in GTA doesn’t feel bad at all. All you need is the equivalent of $500 GTA dollars and you are in!

And surprisingly, nobody is getting addicted. Not in the true sense at least. Yes, people are enjoying themselves a little too much but nevertheless, buyers must be warned, because the casino allows players to purchase in-game currency with real money, and that’s a dangerous precedent.

For the nonce, wasting staggering amounts of money doesn’t feel like a foolhardy thing to do, nor does it attract any social stigma and personal ruin. Yet, there are other things to consider here.

Can You Get Addicted Escaping to Another World?

While the Diamond Casino in GTA almost invites addiction, there should be an observation about the real-world effects. Not so long ago, the World Health Organization proclaimed that video game addiction is a very real thing indeed.

Therefore exploring gaming addiction and gambling addiction could perhaps be done in places like the make-believe world of GTA. Yet, we need to remain aware of the dangers that invites. Games do help us achieve a ‘false’ sense of accomplishment that is immediate and more rewarding than most real-world feats that take years to carry out to success.

Many responsible adults ask themselves the question: should our kids be exposed to that sort of thing like GTA? Well, there is no simply answer as kids tend to find these games despite watchful parents but the game has an age restriction of 17 years or older and there is a reason for this, the game is very violent.

And it’s not only an issue of actually playing the game. What parents often aren’t aware of is that many kids watch these games being played by others, which doesn’t make them less exposed to the violence of the game.

One popular gamer many kids like to watch is “PewPieDie”, a Popular Swedish streamer, sometimes still streams his exploits in this boundless world of simulated violence. And he does all types of things – from firing with bazooka at pedestrians to push ambulances out of a highway.

Rules don’t apply to the world of GTA, nor at the bar in the game version of the Diamond Casino, but is that a good thing? Well, it certainly is fascinating in the very least!

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