The Looming Tower
The Looming Tower

Amazon is going head-to-head with Netflix with its Prime Video offering. Recently, it was reported that, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos wishes to create a show on par with HBO’s Game of Thrones. Also, Bezos himself is doing most of the decision making around Prime Video.

The company’s efforts can be seen as it has begun bagging top notch TV shows. McMafia, a show by BBC, is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video; it’s a great show. McMafia made me reconsider my thoughts about Prime Video and as days pass by, I’m actually feeling positive about Amazon’s offerings.

CIA chief discussing about Al-Qaeda
CIA chief discussing about Al-Qaeda

The Looming Tower,a show by Hulu, also a Prime original (outside of the US), is probably the best show Amazon has bagged till date. The show tells the story of the events that occurred before the 9/11 attack, the reasons behind the attack, how it came it to that, and the events that took place after the attack.

I was astonished, as to how, the show sticks to the facts. Usually TV shows’ based on true events tend to be heavily edited to make the content more glossy; that’s very less in this case. A quick Google search for news article on 9/11 or a Wikipedia search will do.

Agent Soufan and his girlfirend
Agent Soufan with his girlfirend

Maybe I’m overreacting but I’m used to watching glamorised TV shows which focus more on masala (a Hindi word that means a mixture; referring to how TV shows adds a lot of stuff on top of the story). The Looming Tower opened me to a completely different kind of drama and I love(d) it. The whole season is not yet out, it’s yet to be seen, how the ending pans out.

FBI Cheif John O'Neill with Agent Soufan
FBI Cheif John O’Neill with Agent Soufan

The Looming Tower is one of the best TV shows, period. If you like drama, trust me, you should definitely watch it, you won’t regret it one bit. As you may have guessed, this is not an actual review of the show; I will do that as soon as I finish watching all the episodes.

P.S. The shows stars the greatJeff Daniels(I loved his acting)

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