Types of Programming Languages

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think,”  Steve Jobs

Today, many programming languages are shifted to the general use but all of them have specific features that fit different goals. So, developers may choose from the huge variety of programming languages and there are many differences between them. Let’s consider the possible categories:

  • Interpreted
  • Functional
  • Compiled
  • Procedural
  • Scripting
  • Markup
  • Logic-Based
  • Concurrent
  • Object-Oriented.

We’ll describe the most popular of them.

Scripting Languages

These languages control an application. Scripts may perform independent of any other app, and usually, scripting languages are embedded in the app that they manage and are applied to automate routine tasks like interacting with external systems.


It is a common scripting language that is embedded into the Mac OS.


Awk is applied for processing text-based information in files and data streams and applies arrays, regular expressions, and the string data type.


It is an object-oriented programming language that is like Smalltalk with a complementary feature of array programming.


This language is syntactically similar to Java and interacts with the Java Runtime Environment together with syntax and scripting commands.


This is a software development framework and an application server that works with ColdFusion Markup Language. Cold Fusion is similar to HTML due to the syntax.


Mondrian is used for Internet employment and is a mix of Java and Haskell.


Jass is an event-driven scripting language that delivers an extensive API.


Revolution is cross-platform language that is based on HyperTalk. This is a rapid application development language that maintains dynamic typing.

Maya Embedded Language

It supports different tasks on the Maya software.


This is general-purpose scripting language that is aimed to develop dynamic interfaces and maintains a command line capability.


This is easy to learn a programming language that is applied for embedded systems and prototyping.


VBScript is a default component that works as an active scripting language.

Windows PowerShell

This scripting language is available with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 3003. It cooperates with Microsoft .NET Framework by means of forms of standalone applications, executables, cmdlets that are specialized .NET classes and scripts, .NET classes, the compositions of cmdlets, etc.

Interpreted Programming Languages

An interpreted language means that implementations perform instructions directly, without previously making up a program into machine-language requirements.


APL may work simultaneously on different sets of data. It is interactive, interpretive, and a functional language.


BASIC was made with the goal of giving the non-science persons an access to the computers.


It helps to develop automation scripts that may be used for the performance of specific routine tasks on Windows.


Eiffel is ISO-standardized and an object-oriented programming language that helps to create reusable and extensible software. It serves various industries involving aerospace, finance, and video gaming.


Frink is based on the Java Virtual Machine and pays attention to the engineering and science. It enables quantities to include their units of measurement.

Game Maker Language

It is applied together with Game Maker, an app for game creation.


ICI is a general-purpose computer programming language. It maintains flexible data types and dynamic typing.


This is the second-oldest programming language in widespread use today. The name Lisp is derived from ‘List Processing Language’. One of the valuable data structures that Lisp maintains is linked list. It copes with source code as a data structure.


This programming language demands only the key ASCII character set. It is a programming language that can be mixed with statistical and mathematical operations.


It is a procedural and imperative programming language that was made as a scripting language. This language is powerful and simple at the same time.


It is a procedural language that was developed to apply structured programming and data structuring.


This programming language was designed for self-modifying code.

Functional Programming Languages

Functional programming languages determine each computation as a mathematical assessment and pay attention to the app of functions.


Erlang is a concurrent programming language that involves a sequential subset, which maintains functional programming.


This language implements logic and functional, constraint programming.


Nemerle is a statically typed programming language that is made for the .NET platform. Systems in Nemerle are put together into an intermediate language bytecode. It maintains imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming.

So, keep in mind key purposes of these languages to apply them for your business goals,

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programming languages

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