Rise of Aesthetic Technology

We live in a world where we long for perfection. From career success to beautiful bodies, we’re researching new and innovative ways to look and feel at our ideal levels. The advancements in technology are helping us do just that.

One of the technologies at the forefront of body sculpting is the laser. This multi-functional super machine can achieve everything from semi-permanent hair loss to laser fat removal at home. These treatments are alluring because they provide long lasting results while being non-invasive. It removes the need of going under the knife, being induced under general anaesthetic, and spending days if not weeks recovering in a hospital.

This article will take a look at the latest developments in aesthetic lasers as an alternative to surgical beauty.

Flawless Skin

A highly sought after treatment is smooth, glowing skin. Hair removal is big business and laser is by far the most effective technology to remove hair and minimize our pores. Take the best IPL hair removal machine and this cosmetic light treatment will generate soft hair-free skin, get rid of redness and even alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases. While an IPL machine is not the same as a laser, it has many similarities and offers more variety in treatment.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

The concept of contouring is one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry. Driven by enviable celebrities, in the last year facial contouring has inspired hundreds of new make-up lines and led to global sales worth millions of dollars. People are using platforms like Reddit to share stories, tips and experiences on how to achieve a perfect look without resorting to plastic surgery. The next frontier is body contouring but this requires more than a careful placement of bronzer.

Laser machines can be used to remove fat, tighten skin and define the body. This laser treatment known as lipolysis or laser lipo will target fat, melt it and allow it to be naturally transported out of your system. At the same time it will stimulate the production of collagen, which tightens the skin. The technology is getting more sophisticated but it’s still not a miracle cure. A laser can expel fat from stubborn areas but the best way to avoid excess weight is a healthy lifestyle.

Laser Face Lift

Laser Face Lift

Many people dream of getting a youthful complexion but the thought of a surgical face-lift is terrifying. All too often we read of botched operations and see results that look more artificial than a natural glow. According to medical and health knowledge bank NCBI, a laser can circumvent all those problems. Lasers will gradually develop to become even more intelligent when it comes to intricate operations, but they can already provide a myriad of ways of making the facial skin more supple and elastic. The full potential of lasers to replace traditional face-lifts isn’t too far off. For example, we’re already seeing lasers that can lift eyelids without surgical intervention.

Will Lasers Reverse Ageing?

This leads us to the next question. Are lasers the solution to making us appear youthful and can they even extend our lifespan? This is a question that truly testes the limits of laser resurfacing treatments. When it comes to cosmetic correction of the skin, we can expect even better lasers that will make us look like porcelain dolls. But there is no evidence that lasers can effectively halt or stop the body’s natural ageing process.

That’s not to say that lasers won’t have a monumental effect on our health. Scientists are looking for ways in which lasers can used to treat terminal illnesses such as cancer. We are already aware of how laser therapy can shrink harmful tumors. It is particularly successful with conditions like melanoma.

To sum up, our best prediction is that the next generation lasers will aim at perfecting the craft of the previous machines. Whether it’s laser hair removal or laser lipolysis, current lasers work better on some people than others. Developing the technology to a point where it guarantees universally flawless results at an affordable price is all that’s needed to take it mainstream.

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