The Top Reasons You Need A Call Number Tracker For Your Business

Did you know that as much as 46% of sales calls are missed opportunities? While you may have heard a lot about the need for a call tracking number for your business, and we know it may have sounded to good to be true and it made you a bit skeptical.

Don’t worry.

We are here to affirm some of those reasons by giving you facts, so that you can then make a comfortable decision that will affect your business positively.

What is A Call Number Tracker?

You are reading the word tracker and probably your head is bubbling with ideas of what call number tracker might be. Chances are ,you are right.

But unlike the call-back procedure, call number tracker operates by simply not including any web based is thus based mainly on phone calls, and call server solutions. Marketers are provided a couple of server numbers for customer feedback. It can also use landline numbers.

This enable all marketing platforms (ads, online banners) to communicate an individual phone number, or a Call Tracker Number.

Call number tracking

Which Businesses Use It?

Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, have been using call tracker number for decades now, and their success is evident. But it isn’t restricted to the multinationals alone. Most small businesses use it too to grow, as it’s been a proven strategy to get more leads.

Do You Need One?

Do you have a business?

If you have a business, you do receive calls. However, in order to transform those calls into anything meaningful you need a call tracker number.

The Top Call Tracker Service Terms You Need to Know

One can’t finish a conversating about call tracker number and call tracking without mentioning these two words, toll free and local number.

Toll Free Number

This is a telephone number with distinct three-digit codes that can be dialed from landlines with no charge to the person placing the call. It allows callers to reach businesses out of the area without being charged a long distance for the call.

Local Number

It is a telephone number used to route calls to the user’s actual phone number or numbers. A virtual number makes it possible for someone within a specific area code to call an IP telephony user in another area code as if it were a local call.

Now that you know what a call tracker is, a toll-free number and local number we can now discuss why your business needs a call tracker number.

Call Tracker Number, Why Your Business Needs It.

To measure marketing ROI

Many businesses fear investing in marketing because of fear of not being able to determine ROI, but with a call number tracker, this is no longer a problem as inbound calls can be traced and used to establish which marketing strategy is performing. The company can then invest wisely without second guessing.

To integrate CRM

This involves tracking call metrics through a CRM. By tracking campaign source metrics in a CRM enables metrics that go beyond lead generation. Your business can make decision based on the actual revenue that is generated through specific marketing efforts.

To enable tracking of calls

Using unique numbers, your business will be able to trace calls easily and effectively. It will thus provide information on callers that can be used to better serve them.

To save money

By being able to know exactly which marketing campaign is bringing you money through a tracking number which will track all your calls, you can then budget and allocate resources according with full knowledge that you are right. We have analyzed a large number of services, the callgear currently offers the best price.

To determine where leads are coming from

Using a call tracking number will distinguish every call that your business will get. You’ll then be able to follow a trail that will lead you to every customer, helping you to learn their behaviors, tastes and preference and generally what makes then tick.

You can then tailor yourself to meet these demands.

To create a competitive advantage

With a high competition out there, every business is looking for a way to remain competitive. Having a call number tracker sets you apart from everyone else and gives you an edge over those not using it.

To track your sales

Every business is about sales, with a call tracker number you can easily know how many sales you are making, future expected sales and the ordering pattern.

A call tracker number will organize you and get your things running smoothly. It will also make sure that you don’t miss on actual sale because of focusing on wrong places.

Keeping it Simple

Saving money, knowing where your leads are coming from, tracking your demands, having a competitive advantage are the top reason why you should make the investment to have a call tracker number.

It is cost effective and a huge help to your marketers. The question is, are you using the right call tracking service for your business?

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