The Ultimate List of Laptop Maintenance Tips

Replacing a system might not cost more than it did in 2010, but the amount you will have to shell out right now in exchange for a brand-new personal computer might be unfair. Per PC Magazine’s market analysis of the market for new laptops, a budget of $410 to $2899 might be what blocks you from getting a new PC. Fortunately, while laptops might be susceptible to wear and tear over the next years after purchase, there is a possibility of improving the life-span of such a system beyond the expected failure period of the system.

What more? The tips you should give due consideration to ensure your laptop stays longer at tip-top shape in your possession is not capital intensive, neither does it require a lot of work or the abilities of a computer expert. Instead, PC maintenance is made up of a few tricks you can and should incorporate into your usage culture as well as some important preventive measures you should take. Here are a few great ways to ensure you can avoid the heavily disruptive periods of transition in between spoilt and newly purchased laptops.

Dust Is the Enemy

The most popular advice for computer maintenance is to keep the openings and the entire body of the PC clean, and it is for good reason too. Replacing your keyboard should not cost too much, but we can both agree that the money it will cost you to get a replacement will be better served getting something else. Interestingly, the leading cause of a malfunctioning keyboard or mousepad is accumulated dust.

To clean the accessible parts of your PC, use a damp cloth free of lint, avoid using a dry cloth on a PC body surface you have previously sprayed wet. To clean inaccessible parts, use an air canister.

Provide for Transportation.

The main advantage of using a laptop over a desktop is its mobility. This mobility obviously means that the laptop is exposed to more risk factors than its desktop counterparts. Unfortunately, the most important part of the laptop is its hard drive, which can get easily corrupted after impact. Hence, it is very important to get a suitable carriage, like a laptop bag, for your PC. For durable laptop bags, I would recommend Milligram, they will offer the best in-transit protection for your laptop from unforeseen dust, liquid and impact attacks.

Put All Accessories in Order

One easy way of achieving this is to procure twist ties for organizing the wiring systems as well as more power strips in office settings. This will help prevent any accidents that can occur from trips, to a certain degree.

Take Extreme Care of the Hard Drive

As mentioned earlier, the soul of any laptop is its hard drive. Make sure you clean out unnecessary files from the hard drive. Large files will also limit the speed of the laptop in processing such data, so try to store less data that require more space. There are Disk Clean-up apps and utilities you can purchase, if it is not pre-installed in your device to maintain the health of your PC.

Also, if you are invested in using the internet a lot on your PC, make sure you have an Antivirus preinstalled as well as online security applications to defend your hard drive. Many antivirus products offer both services anyway, so don’t refuse your PC this bit of insurance.

Use the Laptop Battery

The instructions on this note are very simple, don’t overcharge your laptop and don’t completely exhaust the juice of the battery. Doing any one of these will lead your system battery to destruction.

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