The Ultimate Online Streaming Websites Comparison (2019)

Everyone has a pastime and what’s a better pastime than watching TV. The majority of us tend to watch televisions differently but over time one thing has become apparent we are people who like convenience. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on your bed under your sheets and watching a movie or TV show on demand on your laptop. The crazy part is nowadays due to high costs for entertainment not many people have cable or paid television entertainment channels with a high tech tv box. So the next best thing is finding a stream online. But which site like couchtuner is the most reliable for online streams? Which has the best quality embeds? And most important of all which site is safe?

Couchtuner – Online Streams Free

One of the most well-known names in the online movie and tv show industry is Couchtuner. It has remained loyal to its viewers in terms of always updating content and having the latest streams available for viewing. They listen to user feedback and improve their free streaming service. Over the years they have become one of the most reliable and go to movie and tv show websites on the internet. Most well-known by the distinct logo, couch tuner is a cult favorite for under loved tv shows that usually don’t make it mainstream. One of the best features is that you are able to see what other people are watching online and join the fun.

The biggest question users ask is, where can I watch movies and tv shows online without having it affect my computer in a negative way. Well for starters we want you to know that there a few rules of watching movies online:

  1. Always use Adblock software such as Adblock by
  2. Make sure never to click the play buttons above the player
  3. Immediately close any unwarranted popups that bypass the Adblock

Once you have ensured that these steps are followed then you rest easy knowing that you are a bit safer.

Putlockers – The Real Original Streaming Site

Movies and shows are available all over the internet, but if you want to experience a blast from the past then putlocker is the answer. With an increasingly new library of movies and episodes updated daily. The staff at putlockers provides users with a safe experience. No crazy popups that download viruses or anything of that sort.

Some of the newest selections they have are

  1. Cold Pursuit
  2. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
  3. The Prodigy (2019)
  4. What Men Want
  5. Everybody knows

So, as you can see they have the latest selection of movies just coming out to theaters. Yes, I do concur that these will not be the 1080p quality you are expecting. But nevertheless, they will be watchable cams. If you want a website that tells you the quality of the movies before you select through then 12movies might be your answer.

123Movies: Watch Free Movie Streams in HD

This is another old original website from the past that got a complete makeover. Now with IMDB ratings, user reviews, plot summarized and cast information provided right on your movie embed screen. 123movies tries to do a lot to keep users happy and coming back. The best however is their quality badge next to movie posters. This might seem like a small feature to some but it really helps you navigate when you are looking for a specific movie of a certain quality. These small features that help views do not go unnoticed and 123movies excels in this. They provide what I would call a five-star movie watching experience for viewers. The best however is the fact that all this is done for free for us without anything required from our end.

So which movie site is the best?

In the end they each have their own features, benefits and performance treats that viewers will enjoy and relish. But at the end of it all when the dust settlers it really depends on you as the viewer which streaming site makes you feel most comfortable. Choose one that fits your streaming style, provides easy search and helps guide your tv show streaming journey. From our main selection of sites like couchtuner, putlockers and 123movies we cannot seem to choose a single one. We don’t want to be blamed for favoritism., So we leave it to you to decide the bets amongst these three movie sites. Let us know in the comments which you think should be our top pick and why.

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