The Uses of Social Media Marketing

Over the last two decades, social media has taken over the digital world, solidifying itself as one of the most influential and powerful aspects of modern-day society. With this huge influx in social media membership comes an opportunity – an opportunity that digital marketers can take advantage of.

Social media enables marketers to reach out to a much wider audience and, if you choose, to focus your targeting down to specific demographics and groups. In this post we’ll look at why you should investigate social media marketing through analysing three of its main uses.


Whether you’re a travel blogger, a YouTube star or you run a poetry blog, social media has the capacity to drastically increase your blog’s exposure and improve your reader engagement. Social media boasts the most users out of any digital platform currently available, encouraging conversation and discussion between people across the globe. This is the perfect place for you to promote your original content, sharing your work with the masses and promoting discussion around it.

Social media followers are your supporters and by posting content where they can share it, you are turning them into your own personal marketers, increasing your reach far beyond what it would be if you simply blogged in private and hoped that someone would stumble across your work. If you are blogging, you need to be on social media too – it’s as simple as that.

Interacting with Your Customers/Readers

As previously mentioned, social media allows for discussion between users but along with that comes an additional advantage; it allows businesses to interact with their customers. In the current climate, businesses are seen as domineering, bland, faceless entities that exist to provide services and that’s it. This lack of personality reduces the trust of consumers, making them less likely to work with your company and even if they do, they are unlikely to share their good experiences with friends and family.

Through social media, a company can create a voice for themselves, conversing with their customer base directly. Building a personality for your business venture or project (in particular, one that your target audience likes) encourages them to share your social media page with similar people. By using this system, it’s easy to build a tribe of followers who hang on your every word and find your page entertaining – building trust. With this trust, it’s easy to market new products or services to this group and convert them from followers into customers.

Customers want you to personalise their experience – and the first stage of that personalisation is interaction.

Improving Brand Recognition

Whilst directly linked to the previous point, brand recognition is a greater beast that requires some focus of its own. In almost all industries, you will find competition trying to wrestle customers away from your business. The key to winning this battle is brand recognition. When consumers see a logo, or think of a specific service, you want them to think of your business first because that indicates trust, and therefore, more sales.

Social media and the voice it allows you to build enables businesses to create an image for themselves; a personality that both resonates with their target audience and sticks in their mind. This memorable addition to the business’ corporate image is what truly makes the difference in convincing your audience to talk about their experience and recommend a business to friends. You can find out more about the importance of brand recognition here.

To conclude, social media marketing is versatile, powerful and most of all – human. It enables you to market your business as an entity with a personality, highlighting your vision and values whilst simultaneously engaging with your customers and readers directly.

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