Cisco CCNA R&S

Cisco CCNA R&S has proven to be a very useful certification. Many big enterprisesare using controller-based architectures that is why the skills required for a network engineer are also evolving at a very fast pace. With the help of the Cisco CCNA R&S certificate, you will be able to prepare yourself for the future as you will learn a lot about the present day technologies. This credential equips you with the skills to configure, install, troubleshoot, and operate a medium-sized network.

The curriculum of the Cisco CCNA R&S certification revolves mainly around dealing with basic security threats, wireless networking concepts,andperformance-based skills. One of the best things about this certificate is that it does not have any prerequisites, but once you complete it, you will become a qualified network engineer. After getting this credential, you also obtain other Cisco certificates related to networking.

The other things that this course covers are protocols like IP, Serial Line Interface Protocol, Frame Relay, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, Routing Information Protocol, Access Control Lists, and more.

Importance of the Cisco CCNA R&S certification

The Cisco CCNA R&S certificate provides a number of benefits. If you are thinking of starting a career in the networking sphere, then this certification will certainly be very helpful. One of the biggest advantages of getting Cisco CCNA is that you will become a networking engineer certified by a leading networking company. Cisco has been one of the world’s leading networking companies for a long time, and earningits certification can tell much about your qualification.

If you are trained to work withCisco products, then your skills will be in high demand. The majority of the Internet traffic today is known to travel through Cisco developed infrastructure and that is why if you are trained by Cisco, then you clearly have an upper hand.

Ever since the CCNA program has started, it has been the foundation of networking careers. Anyone who is looking to build a career in networking should begin with earning this certification. Cisco skills are included in hiring requirements and more than 97% of the time Cisco skills are requested. The Cisco CCNA R&Scredential provides you with the knowledge that you need to succeed in the networking career. Even if the technologies keep evolving, the certification will keep you covered. In this program, you will learn to install, troubleshoot, and monitor the infrastructure.

Another advantage of the Cisco CCNA R&S certificateis that it opens up a lot of career opportunities. After getting this credential, you will have a lot of IT career possibilities to choose from. According to a research, many companies look for certified employees when they are hiring. After getting this Cisco certificate, you can continue on the Routing and Switch track and progress through the higher levels.

The Cisco CCNA R&S certification keeps you up to date when it comes to networking technologies. Even if the technologies change after a few years, with the help of this certificate, you can keep yourself up to date. Cisco continuously checks for the changes and development of technologies and includes them in the updated certifications. They revise their curriculum and make sure that whatever they are teaching is relevant and is in compliance with the market.

It has been confirmed that people who have any kind of certification have a higher chance of getting a better salary from their employers. If you are working in the networking field and you have earned the Cisco CCNA certification, then you have the chance to earn more than your colleagues.

Cisco CCNA R&S: exam details

The exam number for Cisco CCNA R&S is 200–125. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes; this means that you have to answer all of the questions in the given time limit. The number of questions can vary from exam to exam but usually, there are not more than 60-70 of them. You can have the test in both English and the Japanese languages, and that is a big bonus. If you study properly, then you can easily clear this exam, the questions are difficult only if you don’t prepare for them.

The 200-125 certification test covers a lot of topics that include Routing Technologies, LAN Switching Technologies, WAN Technologies, Network Fundamentals, Infrastructure Security, Infrastructures Services, and Infrastructure Management.

How to prepare for the exam?

There are a lot of things that you can find on the Internet if you want to prepare for the certification test. One of the best ways to do it is through exam dumps. These are the websites where you can find the questions that have appeared during the previous tests. People also share online their past experiences they have had with the exam.

However, you have to keep in mind that the questions that you can find in the exam dumps are never repeated in the actual test. Cisco has a lot of unique questions that can be asked in the exam and none of them are ever repeated twice, so the questions you see in the braindumps are for the practice purpose only.

There are many other websites that you can visit to learn more about the ExamCollection Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam dumps CCNP Security, CCIE, CCENT Practice Test Questions. You can also purchase the official learner’s guide from Cisco to get better results.


These were some of the things that you should know about Cisco CCNA R&S. The certification is absolutely necessary if you want to excel in the networking field. There are many benefits of earning this certificate, some of which were mentioned above. The Cisco credential remains valid for a maximum of three years. After that time, you will have to retake the test if you wish; this is because the technologies that are used in networking are often subject to change. This is why you will need to take the test again after 3 years so that you trained for working with the latest technologies in the field.