Tips to Keep Wicker Rattan Garden Furniture in Great Condition

Rattan furniture has been quite popular since the early 18th century, as indoor as well as outdoor furniture. It can easily last for several years after withstanding the most strenuous environmental conditionals. This is only possible if you take optimum care of the furniture to make it last.

What is rattan furniture?

Rattan garden furniture sale is a durable and light furniture option that is made out of woven stems along with cores of rattan lianas from varied artificial materials been woven in a similar fashion. Wicker and rattan furniture falls in the same category; however, rattan is a specific material that is used for making furniture, and wicker is a technique which involves the weaving of natural materials like willow, bamboo in extremely intricate patterns.

How long does the furniture last?

Both the synthetic and natural rattan furniture can last up 20-30 years under common indoor use. You need to replace the cushions every 5-10 years. If you intend to use the furniture for outdoor purpose, you should take natural wicker furniture back to indoors over the wet winter months, to ensure it to stay longer. Synthetic ones, on the other hand, can last longer, as much as 20 years when kept outdoors, even in harsh winter conditions.

Here are a few tips to keep wicker the furniture in excellent condition:

  1. Furniture Covers

The most effective way to keeping the garden furniture looking completely beautiful is to cover it adequately. You need to cover it both during the harsh winter conditions and even when rain is expected.

The covers are readily available in a variety of manufacturers that can easily fit into any piece of outdoor furniture. The best covers are made of polyester that comprises of a PVC backing along with water-taped seams. This type is shower proof and also breathable and hence is ideal for rattan furniture.

  1. Rotate chairs

You are aware of that fact or not that there will always be one part of the garden, outdoor space, or patio receiving more sunlight compared to other areas. These factors further contribute to certain furniture pieces wearing off faster than others. The simple solution to this problem is rotating the rattan furniture sale along, just like you do with the tyres on your car. This technique helps the furniture to wear evenly while it extends the life of the particular set.

  1. Protect the furniture legs using rubber feet

The legs of the furniture are bound to receive abrasions with the chairs scraping back and forth. It is more common to take place with a set being placed on a patio area or a decking that can lead the rattan to split at the base of its legs.

With time, this can further split the legs even higher up while eventually weakening the rattan furniture. To stop this from happening, you need to place the rubber feet on each of the leg, which will further absorb the impact while dragging rattan furniture across the hard surfaces.

  1. Linseed oil

In order to restore the natural or unpainted wicker to its warm glow, you need to rub it using linseed oil while gently wiping the excess away. Let it dry for a few days before sitting on the freshly oiled chairs. You can also add cushions in order to avoid getting the oiled stained on your clothing. Get your best quality of garden furniture at

  1. Move furniture properly

This piece of furniture is sturdy and also a light that ensures a long lifespan. Being light, it gets quite easier to move anywhere in the garden. However, this can further encourage the users to be a lot of cavalier regarding the ways to pick up and shift the pieces. If you do not stay careful, you can damage the woven material. Ensure that you pick the pieces up in the solid frames it comes and not by the flexible woven panels.

  1. Yearly major cleaning

A thorough cleaning yearly help take care of any dirt been built up while also preventing any future damage. Scrub the furniture using detergent and a little more water for you to apply for weekly cleaning. Dry the wood as soon as possible with the help of a hair dryer or by exposing the outdoor furniture to the sun. Lastly, apply a coat of lacquer or shellac in order to seal the wood until the next year.

  1. Tips for cleaning

Cleaning the furniture is easy as you need a soft cloth dipped in a little amount of soapy water. You can also make use of furniture polish that helps enhance the shine on the piece of furniture. Wipe up any stains or spillages using the cotton cloth and keep the set clean.


Maintaining rattan furniture is an important task, and these tips help to keep it in excellent condition.

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