Top 3 Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

2018 has had a crazy level of growth in the tech industry. In the past year, more has happened than in the last 10 years. The general population caught on to the bitcoin craze, bringing the price of one bitcoin close to $20,000! Many people were able to make massive amounts of money from it. In fact, more than a few bought Lamborghinis just through bitcoin. One high school dropout became a millionaire because he invested in bitcoin early. When it comes to investing, it is always about timing and being prepared. Yet the majority couldn’t enjoy the windfalls. It’s okay though because there are many future opportunities still there. What can we look forward to in 2019 that could change our lifestyles from 9 to 5 to instead whatever we want it to be?

Inventive Byte has created the opportunity for the regular everyday individual to build out any big tech idea that they may have. Generally, software development can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. For most people, it is just not viable and could equal years of savings. Because an investment into an idea always has a level of risk attached to it, not everyone with potentially great ideas would be willing to take that level of risk. To bring entrepreneurship back to the middle class, Inventive Byte has empowered entrepreneurs by building software at custom pricing based on their relationships with the individual and the scope of the idea. As quoted by the CEO, Ankit Sharma, “We invest into our entrepreneurs and hope to build long-term relationships with the best ones. That means doing whatever it takes to get the product to market.”

For those with big ideas, here’s their list on the type of ideas are they looking to work on in 2019 and that they expect to see more in the future:

Artificial Intelligence

Whereas humans portray natural intelligence, AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines. It’s how Amazon knows what to recommend you when you are looking to buy something or how Google is transforming regular cars into self-driving ones. Think about what types of data your idea will gather and how the machine learning can automate certain processes.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

While augmented reality (AR) is an indirect or direct live viewing of the real-world environment, virtual reality (VR) is a completely artificial environment that simulates a live experience. More and more industries such as entertainment are bringing the experiential portion to their industry. For instance, Los Angeles just opened a virtual reality amusement park for its residents. Think about how your industry could value by increasing the user experience and see if you find any potential market opportunities.


Using cryptography, blocks, a growing list of records, are linked and secured. While the craze may have diminished, the opportunities remain endless. Besides finance, most industries have still not fully utilized the scope of the blockchain. More and more governments have become open to it, so it won’t be long before more people enter the market too. Think about how transparency and security could be useful to something in your life and you may arrive with a blockbuster idea.


There you have it; some of the top trends that the top software development company is looking for in 2019.

Before reaching out to Inventive Byte, make sure to check out their guide so that you know the level of detail they are expecting from the entrepreneur. They are extremely exclusive with who they work with, so you do not want to be unprepared.

If you think you are ready and want to make your dreams come true, get started here. Good luck!