cyber attack on US govt
cyber attack on US govt

We are living in a world which is full of tech. Daily there is someone being targeted by hackers. Even superpower countries are facing this threat. Many countries started creating an army of hackers, including Russia, US, China. Today’s topic is 5 top cyber attacks on the United States.

Cybersecurity researchers have linked a number of hacking activities by Russian hackers group on U.S government. They said that these activities performed by a single Russian hackers group. These attacks cause sensitive data leaks of U.S government.

The attackers (Russian Hacker) has phished U.S government. Where the attacker sent fake login access link and tricked them and forced them to enter the password, and the victim got infected by entering their credential login.

cyber attacks on US govt
cyber attacks on US govt

Attacks on U.S. infrastructure:

Russian hackers are targeting key national infrastructure including nuclear plants and water grids. Cybersecurity researchers of Homeland and FBI (Federal Board of Investigation) said that the target was U.S government.

Russian hackers are trying to access to organizations in energy, nuclear, water, aviation, critical manufacturing sectors and commercial facilities. The hackers devised a multi-stage intrusion into smaller businesses. Also, they are planting malware and launching spear-phishing attacks to steal employes login.

The attack on U.S energy sector:

Russian hackers are breaching U.S government by different ways of hacking techniques. Russian hackers gained remote access to energy sector networks. They were able to collect sensitive information about the control system and communications.

Symantec cybersecurity company first reported the breach of many companies networks in the energy industry, in which attackers targeted the smaller ancillary companies that service the major corporations responsible for the energy supply.

Presidential campaign server hacks:

Russian hackers group known as Fancy Bear attacked the computers of the Democratic National Committee. They started exposing publically research on the opposition, private emails of democratic politicians. Interested fact is Russian hackers also breached the servers of the Republican party. The CIA said that the goal of DNC hack had been helping Trump win the presidency. Fancy Bear attempted many cyber attacks.

craziest cyber attacks
craziest cyber attacks

U.S defense workers email hack:

Russian hackers targeted 87 people working in the defense and aerospace industries by sending phishing links and started accessing their personal emails, mostly Gmail accounts. The targeted people, we can say victims are involved in working on rockets, fighters, drones, missiles, cloud-computing or other sensitive activities.

This attack was performed by same hacker group which breached 2016 presidential known as Fancy Bear. They sent about 19000 lines of email phishing data to employees and other small defense companies.

Senate email hack:

Fancy Bear targetted government computers, also they attacked the member of U.S Senate, using spear-phishing techniques to targeted users directly with sensitive personal details.

Attackers send fake and ask for the personal details from U.S Senate, it social engineered Senate and attempt capture users’ credentials. Many cybersecurity researchers linked Fancy Bear to the Russian Government.