Top 5 Family Locator Apps

We all are concerned about our families’ safety at all times even when we are sitting in the office or travelling outstation. It is the freedom for your loved ones to encounter the whole world staying out of your sight. This is where a family tracker app comes into display; for monitoring your loved ones.

The plus point is, almost all teenagers carry a cellphone with them. Android mobile phones already come with the potential to find a cellphone. The only thing required is a locator app. Apart from the various available applications over the play store; it becomes difficult for someone to choose the best one. So here, I’m providing the best five apps for locating your family.

Find my Kids: The Child locator App

This application is specially designed to find the current location of the child. The application will be installed on both parents’ and child’s Smartphone and GPS enabled wearables like watches. Parents can easily track the activities of their child; it also provides the real-time location. And, it offers you facilities like recording sounds, battery control, setting the geo zones for the child, location history for the visited places etc. Its SOS function notifies you with the current location if your child is in danger. Moreover, this app statistic features avail the useful figures from the applications used over the children’s cellphone.

Try this application and reduce your worries for your child. It will make you aware of your child’s activities like real-time location, games he/she played during class, and the calls made, etc. This application can be easily downloaded for Android as wells as iOS devices through app stores. This application has marked its existence achieving COPPA certification over which one can rely on.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker

It is available for both the platforms Android/IOS. In this digital world, this app enables you to stay connected with your loved ones. Groups can be created in it and provide you real-time location of your group members. Its key feature is that it notifies you when your loved one reaches at or leave the destination. Simply download this app and take benefits of its features by securing your family.

Tracker GPS Mobile

This application is mostly used for the Android platform. It is designed for the car drivers and owners but it also works properly as a family tracking app. It keeps you updated with the live location and also enables you to chat with the other user.

You can track vehicles, mobile phones and can check the history of locations visited. It is free of cost but it has one problem that the instructions are in Spanish and Mexican language. Application is quite user-friendly and affordable. You will get the real-time locations and can also check the history anytime.

Foursquare Swarm

This application helps you to locate the current location of your kids. You will get the report of data which includes the history of the locations you have visited. You can identify the nature of the family with this app.

You can track geo locations with the data including your check-in spots. But it uses more battery as compared to other applications.

Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator is different from other tracking apps. It tracks your family members by GPS-enabled devices. For using this app, you need to switch on your GPS and then you can save the data on the device using the GPS signals.

You will get the location updates at the regular intervals. You can set up a particular area for the kids so that if they cross that boundary you will get the notification. You can identify the locations of several people at a time.

The disadvantage of this app is that you can use this application only on targeted devices. And, it is available for both the platforms IOS as well as Android. Use this application for free but the premium version costs $15.

Thus, feel free to choose anyone from them for a secure future of your family.

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