Management Apps For Patients

Taking the proper medication at the right time decreases mortality rates while increasing patient outcomes. For this reason, a number of apps were created to help patients get timely refills and reminders on when they would need to take their medicine.

Pharmacy mobile apps allow users to get price comparisons and store their medical history, including OTC, natural health products and medicinal cannabis acquired from a licensed medical marijuana Canada producer.

Here’s a list of the best patient medication and management apps you can use today:

1. MyMeds: Medication Management. It’s a free app that sends medication reminders via text, email and push notifications in your smart phone. MyMeds even contains useful features such as telling you how a particular treatment works and why you’re on it.

2. RxmindMe. The app allows patients to completely fill up their respective dosage information and keep track of medications taken. Some of the best features include nine different reminder methods (based on dosage frequency), auto-updating prescription quantity and the ability to get a refill or transfer one of your existing prescriptions.

3. Mango Health. It’s a free medication reminder app that allows you to set up refill alerts and reminders for taking your medicine along with drug interaction warnings. Included within the app is a diary and a game-like system that lets you earn points and exchange those points for prizes.

4. MyMedSchedule. Easy to set up, and you can upload pictures of your medication for a little visual treat. You can also set up your very own mini chart of what medication to take, the time to take it and the quantity you need.

5. MediSafe Pill & Med Reminder. The MediSafe app can be linked to your iPhone to track weight, blood pressure and blood glucose levels, among others. There are some interesting facts on drug and food interactions here. Moreover, you can have Elsa, Dr. Evil, Darth Vader or the Nagging Mom voice to tell you to take your medicine.

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