MacBook iPhone
MacBook iPhone

Something new for Apple fans that they can make themselves happy by acquiring high-quality accessories for their iPhones or MacBooks. The market is full of the products that can help in satisfying the consumers especially owners of the tech giant’s smartphones and laptops. Top four laptops features are here:

  1. Nordic Appeal Mac Rack
  • This is a great rack for a MacBook laptop.
  • Its vertical stand that can help to add something for workspaces where people can be done their work with Apple MacBook.
  • Has a high-quality basic unit, perfect for office workstations or home.
  1. Laser-Cut Wood Tech Organizer (MacBook)
  • For an Apple MacBook, laser-cut wood tech organizer is the perfect accessory.
  • It provides environment into a stylish desk that is both lightweight and comfortable.
  • Hot air is allowed to escape on the sides for protecting user’s laptops. This organizer is also available in many types of wood styles.
  1. Laser-Cut Sofa Arm Table (iPhone)
  • Laser-cut sofa arm table is built for Apple smartphones.
  • It is a modern-looking sofa.
  • It is a sort of protective body.
  • The sofa arm table can turn a sofa arm into the perfect place for putting a favorite beverage and watching Internet videos.
  1. Laser-Cut Wood Smartphone/Tablet Stand
  • This laser-cut stand for both iPhones and iPads.
  • It is a cassette-like device for holding an Apple smartphone or tablet computer intact.
  • It will help to keep hands free during work.
  • It is available in beautiful colors including natural dark wood which provides a big contrast to the MacBook metal that Apple laptop fans were experiencing.

The wood stand

  • The wood stand works with an Apple smartphone, for instance, the iPhone 6 and 6s.
  • It is basically a universal phone dock that can be used for any smartphone model.

In 2015, Apple had introduced its new iPhone dock that has a Lightning Connector. It has the capability to work with several iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 series devices.

According to Mac Rumors, both, the standing dock launched three years after the release of Lighting Connector in September 2012 for the iPhone 5, while followed by several third-party docks.

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