Top 22 Free Oculus Go Games to Play in 2019

If you love the Oculus Go and are always looking for new games to play or maybe you are getting one for Christmas and want to know what the best upcoming games are. You have come to the right place. These are the best free Oculus Go games you need to take a closer look at.

1- World of Mazes – Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)

This is a really neat game where you need to save the princess! This is actually quite a story-driven game and the layout of the mazes is really going to make you think. There are lots of puzzles, NPC’s to interact with and many mysteries that you need to figure out. With fun gameplay and a great story, this is a must play. The game has received a #1 ranking among all free and paid Oculus Go games in the list of best Oculus Go games.

2- Dead and Buried

Any game that mixes zombies and the wild west is cool! That is what Dead and Buried is all about. You are a wild west gunslinger who has to deal with not just cowboys, but zombies, ghosts and all other kinds of creepy creatures.

3- Bait!

If you love fishing then you will love Bait! What is neat about Bait! Is that it is a game that can feel relaxing, but when you get a whopper on the line it is very exciting stuff indeed.

4- Poker VR

One of the cool things about Poker VR is that it is first of all free, but also as it is in VR it feels far more immersive than any other poker game that has come before it. if you love poker this is the game for you.

5- Tomb Raider VR: Lara’s Escape

Playing Tomb Raider in VR is awesome. It is crazy to think that this is a free game! You play as Lara, but playing as her in a VR game is really cool. Things feel much more real and there are things to kill and puzzles to solve!

6- Shooting Showdown 2 VR

If you love the old arcade style shooting galleries. Shooting Showdown 2 VR is ideal for you. Keep your finger on the trigger and make sure you are looking in the right spot as you try to take down all of the targets as quickly as you can.

7- Merry Snowballs

This is like a first person shooter, only with snowballs. Merry Snowballs is a charming VR game and it is a pickup and play style game that anyone can get into. It actually looks great too so if you want a game to get you in the holiday spirit this is it.

8- Pet Lab

Pet Lab is one of the most adorable and addictive games on this list. You need to run your own magical creature store. Look after the creatures, make sure they are well taken care of and work in the store. Pet Lab is an absolute blast to play and the creature designs are fantastic.

9- Space Battle

Take control of a spaceship as you blast away tons of enemy ships and robots that all want you dead! Space Battle is a great game if you want to feel like you are in Star Wars.

10- Angest

Angest is great if you like a strong story in your games. Set in outer space you are alone apart from an AI to keep you company. With a sci-fi style story and a very creepy atmosphere, Angest is perfect for the Oculus Go.

11- Play With Me

If you hate clowns, but love being scared and horror, in general, this is what you need. Play With Me is one of the most creepy and terrifying games that you will ever play on your Oculus Go.

12- Hardlight Blade

Use the controller as a sword as you hack and slash anything that comes in your path. This is an arena style battle game and it is a lot of fun to play, great if you love action heavy games.

13- Conflict0: Shattered

Part first person shooter part adventure game. Conflict0: Shattered is one of the most popular VR games out there. It has action, adventure and lots of shooting big mechs which is awesome.

14- Wonderglade

Wonderglade brings all of the fun and excitement of the theme park to your Oculus Go!

15- Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding

The Oculus Go is great for maze and puzzle games and Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding is one of the best that you can download. It is fun and challenging and will make you keep wanting to have one more go.

16- Dead Body Falls

There are some great horror games for the Oculus Go, but Dead Body Falls features a great story, lots of jump scares and a great story to play through.

17- Dragon Front

Ever wondered what a game would be like if it mixed fantasy with World War II? Well, that is the kind of action and strategic gameplay you get with Dragon Front.

18- Hidden Fortune

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate treasure, hunter? Well, that is what Hidden Fortune is all about. Hidden Fortune has puzzles, adventure, and some very addictive gameplay.

19- One-Man VurgeR

Playing as George you run a hamburger restaurant and now you need to make the food, serve the food and ensure that all your customers are happy. This is much harder than it sounds!

20- Project Rampage VR

Based on the movie that starred The Rock! Project Rampage VR lets you smash stuff just like you did in the 80’s arcade classic. Only this time you are doing it in VR and it is awesome! If you loved the movie and the old school game, you will love this.

21- Jigsaw Puzzle VR

What is cool about Jigsaw Puzzle VR is the way that it is a game that is easy to play, but very hard to master. There are many different 3D puzzles that you need to solve. Figuring out what piece goes where is actually very challenging.

22- Sky Fighter: Training Day

Sky Fighter: Training Day is a really fun game that lets you feel like you are Iron Man! You are in a super suit that lets you fly, shoot and take down anything that is going to threaten Earth. Before you can defend Earth you need to train and learn how to use the suit and that is what this game is about.