Truecaller Premium MOD APK Unlocked, Gold Pro Feature Information 2020

Are you worried about spammy and bad messages? Can’t find a way to get rid of them? Don’t be discouraged. An app called TrueCaller Premium Mod APK is waiting for you to get rid of all your fears and worries. This app will enable you to control and secure your messages and calls actively. If you use Alternative Dialer, you will have questions about privacy.

Now mod apps are the most popular with many advanced features. TrueCaller Premium Mod APK is a trusted dialer that will ensure your privacy and give you free premium calls. It will provide you with the opportunity to send SMS for free. With the advancement of technology, people’s standard of living has also improved. People are now conducting a study on administrative and commercial activities in the country and abroad.

Culturally the whole world is concentrating. Everyone. The TrueCaller Premium Mod APK is a secure communication system. The app was contracted by True Software ‘Scandinavia AB in 2009 and released by Black in July.

Some outstanding features of TrueCaller Premium Mod APK:

TrueCaller Premium Mod APK, v11.15.8, last updated on July 1, 2020, Size: 35.75, In-app purchases: BDT 80.00- BDT 6900.00, Released on: May 31, 2012.

Unique design: The dial screen of TrueCaller Premium Mod APK is spotless and very comfortable to look at. Calling using its clean filter is very captivating. So these users like it very much.

TrueCaller premium gold membership: If you want to retain TrueCaller users, you will need a profile. In this case, the TrueCaller Premium Gold Membership feature will be a great contribution. You have to pay $ 65.85 per year.

Golden View: This feature will make your profile extraordinarily beautiful. A gold symbol will be visible next to your profile. This eye-catching feature of the app is viral among the users.

The ability to identify profile visitors: For the security of your ID, you must know who is visiting your ID. And you will find this feature in TrueCaller Premium Mod APK effortlessly. Also, with your email, phone number, and address. You can search. Notifications will come to you whenever someone visits your ID.

Disguised feature: If you want to alert an ID that is not a Truecaller user, you can do so with this feature. So it can be said that Truecaller users are getting more benefits than other dialer users.

Ad-free service: No matter which app you use, advertising becomes a very annoying thing. No one likes the hassle of advertising. When ads appear during any vital work, the mood is unusually bad. So TrueCaller Premium Mod APK provides completely ad-free service. For your convenience.

There are also some excellent features for customers, including spam blocking. Then, You can share the caller ID secretly. You can charge someone if they do wrong. You can also record and send the necessary information if you want—no money to access to download TrueCaller Premium Mod APK Play Store. You do not need to buy the premium association to get the features. For this, you have to pay/8/year. And if you want to get the gold version, you have to pay $ 65.85/year.


1. Is TrueCaller Premium Mod APK secured? 

More than 500 million people are using this app. They have not complained in person yet. Instead, they have commented and praised very well. So it is proven that this is a 100% safe app. You can download now without worrying.

 2. How can you switch your number?

Go to the page of TrueCaller Premium Mod APK and enter your country code. Then enter your number and agree to the list. Switch your figure in this way.


TrueCaller Premium Mod APK has improved people’s quality of life and is working as a powerful tool to build global harmony by facilitating commercial, administrative, cultural, and human communication in any field. So you, too, can benefit by using this app for your benefit. You will now get a smart dialer for communication in and out of the country for free.

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