Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

If you are a cricket lover then you must hear term of Fantasy Cricket game. But most of the people don’t know about what fantasy cricket is and why it is very popular in India.

The fantasy cricket is a fun and interactive online game where people can create their own virtual team of real cricket players from a total pool of 25 to 30 players. The final result depends on the performance of players they chose in a real cricket match.

To win match users must need to select best performing players and collect maximum points to rank higher on a leaderboard. The points will be given for runs, boundary, six, wicket, catches, etc. The main aim of the fantasy cricket is to outsource the opposition by a large number of a margin.

If you want to earn money from fantasy cricket then you must have some knowledge of cricket for create winning team from both sides and predict which player perform well to collect more points and win a match.

In India you can find lots of fantasy app to play fantasy cricket and earn real cash. Below you can find trusted fantasy apps in India.

  • Dream11
  • MyTeam11
  • HalaPlay
  • Nostra Pro
  • LeagueX

So if you really want to earn money from your cricket knowledge then you must try above-listed apps. The best part of this apps is you can easily withdraw your money in a bank account by providing details like bank name, account holder name, account number and ifsc code.

Tips For Win Fantasy Cricket

Understand Points System: Before joining any league or contest you must need to understand point system. Each app or website has their own points system for ranking users. You can visit the faq page of website or app to understand points system.

Player Recent Performance: Always select players who are in good form. If player is playing well in recent matches then it is highly possible to consistent their performance in upcoming matches.

Player Combination: Always select all types of player in your team. If you choose most batsman in a team then you will not get enough points from bowlers. Also, add two or more all-rounders in your team because of they score on both battings as well as bowling. So you must need to create a perfect dream11 team to win a match.

Captain & Vice Captain: In fantasy cricket match captain earn 2 times the points and vice-captain earn 1.5 times the points. So it’s important to select the best player as captain and vice-captain.

Stay Updated: Last tip is stay updated with latest information and cricket news on the internet. Also check pitch information like it is batting, bowling or neutral pitch. Like this you can find so many questions and answer to create a perfect team

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