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Marketing is not just the work of the marketer team. Sometimes we get the support of a significant human resource: that is the customer. How to make a customer become a true marketer.

Want to turn your customers into marketers to give customers more information

After conducting the research, you fully understand the market and think of the message as well as product positioning. Typically, we distinguish between inward and outward messages. In the age of businesses built on the trust of customers and customers make choices based on the authenticity of the product, then there is no reason to build your brand.

In fact, sharing something interesting behind the birth of a product, company head, or friendly staff is the first step to encouraging customers to share your story. So, what information should you share? This depends on the nature of the product and the marketing objectives. Try starting out by considering what information your marketing team is looking to accomplish, which will be a hint for sharing.

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Message. Can your customer describe the product in one sentence or not? What is your brand saying? Give more information to them so they can clearly explain to another person about the brand and the brand influence.

Customer. What is the common point of connecting your customers? Is there any identity or personality traits? Help them know how to connect with your company and how they can identify other people who are using the product.

Market. What is the problem you are solving and why is solving it important? Make the customer feel the problem they are facing and they will find it easy to realize that other people are in the same situation.

A PowerPoint presentation can be a good way for you to share information with colleagues, but it is not a good way to target your customers. Instead, you need to consider how it can convey information to customers in a way that maximizes efficiency.

It’s great to get feedback from customers because it shows that the customer really cares about you. For example, you share the message on the Web, mail, product packaging, or social media channels, but do customers really understand? Make them see themselves and their experiences in the story you tell to solve the problem. Offline events, online seminars or videos will help you tell the story to your customers.

Bring tools to customers

What are the tactics you are pursuing as a marketer? You focus on Content Marketing, social networking, or single promotion campaigns, consider how you can turn your audience into customers.
To turn a customer into a real marketer, you have to do everything as simple as possible. This means, give them a way to do it.

  • content

Graphics, photos and videos are the right choice for you to share with your customers. Before sharing anything, take a moment to consider the nature of the information and the ability to convert people into customers. For example, do people have the tools to connect their problem to your solution? Or, do people tend to convert into customers when they grasp your point?

Immediately put this type of content into the overall content strategy. Then the next is to create messages using graphics or video to share on Instagram or Pinterest.

  • Information channels

You need to make sure that the information you provide to your customers is as easy to share as possible and must be in the target market. Is your content ready to be shared and optimized by customers? You can try by making the content on Facebook or Instagram extremely vivid and easy to share.

In addition, the content will promote maximum sharing effect when it appears at the right time. Take advantage of this simply as giving a preference to users as long as they have to share it within a certain time frame.

Motivate and inspire action

Here are some effective ways:

  • Give early access to a certain number of customers
  • Promote the business of a B2B customer on the condition that they provide a positive feedback
  • Invite the most intimate guests to attend the meeting with the CEO of the company.
  • Reward customers for positive social sharing

Celebrate success with customers

Finally, the most important thing in turning a customer into a member of your marketing team is not to forget the success of them. When you win, you win. Let them see how great their contribution to overall success is.
How many of their friends use the product?
How has revenue improved due to their share or feedback?
When you reach a milestone in your career, you should share your customers. They will be happy to work with you to conquer the next career peak.

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