Live TV App for Android Users

TVTap has got a lot of fame in a short time.

And people are very crazy about it.

Because it works very well and you can watch more than 150 + channels free of cost.

Today I am going to review it. It is an unbiased review, and we will clear all the doubts of the users about the application.

The Design

TVTap has been designed very beautifully by keeping the layout of the other application like it in mind.

It is attractive, simple, easy to use and navigate. The best thing is you will not be bored while using it.

The color scheme is very casual that makes sense. You can refer to the below image to see how beautifully the home screen of the application has been designed.

The Design

The Layout

Developers of the TV Tap have divided the application layout into three different sections.

  1. Homepage.
  2. Menu
  3. Header.

Let’s talk about each of them briefly.

  • Homepage

Upon launching the app you will see the homepage of the application that shows almost 9 different channels at once screen. You can scroll down to find more.

  • Menu

On the top left corner of the application, you will see the menu button (three horizontal lines) tap on it and you will enter into the menu of the TVTap Pro.

Here you can find all the 9 categories that are Entertainment, Movies, Music and to name a few more.

TVTap Pro

Below the categories section of the app you will find the other options like Schedule, Favorite, Settings and About etc.

  • Header

The header section of the TV Tap Pro consists of a simple search button that can be used to perform the search, a countries selection button that can be used to filter out channels based on the basis of countries and button to access the menu.

The countries filter is very awesome because it can be used to filter out any channels from unknown/unwanted countries.

TVTap Pro

Application Features

TVTap Pro has all the great things in it that you may be interested in.

For example, you can watch channels based on the categories, countries, and interest. It supports more than 150 channels from around the top 10 countries of the world.

You can watch nearly all matches and sports on it.

One of the noticeable features of the TV Tap Pro is that you can also get a notification about certain events, such as when any specific match will be streamed online etc.

You can mark channels as favorite and can access them directly instead of scrolling homepage or searching that channel.


Unfortunately, you cannot download TVTap directly from the big G, I mean Google Play Store.

As I told you there are more than 150 different channels in the application and all these channels have not been legally licensed by TVTap Inc. so Google bans it and doesn’t allow the developers to upload such apps on the Play Store.

However, you can still get it on your smartphones.

It is easy we have an official site and from there you can download the TVTap Pro for free of cost.


TVTap is a good app with a bunch of great features in it.

If you are such a person who watches television on daily basis and can’t manage his time between his home and work then TVTap Pro has been developed just for you.