Twitter's 140 characters limit might be stopped, which may soon be extended
Twitter's 140 characters limit might be stopped, which may soon be extended

The famous micro-blogging site Twitter is ready to offer some extra space to its users and to make an end to its limited character approach. The limit of the characters, irrespective of photos and links, is 140 now, which may soon be extended.By this way, users will be allowed to use Twitter comparatively better.

This change could take effect as long as next two weeks which means the next update will be more ideal, Bloomberg sources claimed. Links that can take up to 23 characters even if already be delimited by Twitter than photos which take up more characters, having a dependency on file size and their resolution. This feature will mitigate the grievances of the users for rigid 140-character limit and in return would allow the users to compose longer posts than their previous one.

However, the news regarding this drastic change had spread over when the company was about to consider the expansion of space for tweet composition up to 10,000 characters. In addition, social media experts and other social media sites are still negating the worthiness of the site by sticking to the fact that this step will make Twitter similar to many other social media sites and consequently, Twitter may lose its uniqueness.

After that,in March, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey upheld the concreteness of the site which originally represented as 140-character tweets. He added that “It’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity”.In his opinion, the conciseness-idea of tweets was better to ensure brevity.

Dorsey brought a change in October 2015,he has changed some of Twitter’s prominent features, most importantly the timeline that isn’t restricted but having a reliance on tweets’ priority. Moreover, he added a feature “Moments” which allows the users to simply find out the biggest news stories and also give them to change the icon from star to heart. But, one should bear in mind that Twitter must not fell short of user’s expectation.

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