Video Call Feature Added On 'WhatsApp Beta' Version
Video Call Feature Added On 'WhatsApp Beta' Version

WhatsApp beta is going to introduce the availability of update on Android with video calling option. When it comes to progress, WhatsApp is sure to add new features howsoever small an update be, but it will have an impact on millions of users. A new version of WhatsApp’s beta program can be seen especially by for those who signed up, tagged v 20.16.80, will find an added video calling option.

WhatsApp’s beta program has a changelog with similar bug fixes. However, video calling feature is added to it, the only option available for video calling, but further information of this service has not yet spread widely. Only the signed up user can access the fresh update.

In addition, when you access by tapping to place a usual VoIP WhatsApp call will open a dialogue box with two options on your screen, one Audio call, second Video call despite calling the contact by using connectivity option to your data.

You will find the changelog that clearly express, “You get the option to make video calls, that’s not activated yet but soon would be available for everyone to make video calls.”

As far as the other features concern, there is no major observable change in spite of the usual bug fixes to this version of the update.

The team working on WhatsApp is busy with introducing more viable changes for update partly in consonance with company’s web app known as WhatsApp Web. One can see the document sharing feature under the attachments icon, photo, and video sharing etc. You can simply share a document by making WhatsApp for The Web that suits your interest well and being productive for you, but the only exception is that user and recipient should have an updated app. Video calling option will bear its fruit or not, is surely an aforesaid matter.

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