Oevo the next

When you search for the best internet stars like Shane Dawson and Liza Koshy where do you look? YouTube is flooded with extremely long videos that often get demonetized, Musical.ly went away into the abyss and Vine is dead.

Creators like Jason Nash, Scotty Sire, Marlon Webb, Carly Incontro, Brandon Calvillo, J.Cyrus, and Nicholas Megalis joined Oevo over a month ago, creating Vine-like content again. Oevo has been under the radar when it comes to short video platforms. Recent events seem to be in its favor as Instagram moves to longer YouTube-like content, and Musically renames itself to a Chinese brand Tik Tok. Oevo has since updated its platform with a newer user-friendly Android user interface, a much smoother and advanced camera, as well as sponsored competitions in which we see a lot of potential for both creators and companies.

If you are a content creator sitting in remorse over these platforms going away or you feel you are too late and have not been able to grow an audience, than you should try out Oevo. The 7 second video competition app brings back nostalgic Vine-like memories. You get seven seconds to showcase your creativity in multiple categories from comedy, talents, fashion, fitness, rants and so much more. Everyday we see new creators making it to the trending page while getting noticed for their amazing content.

Oevo will bridge the gap between brands and creators by hosting sponsored competitions. Creators will make engaging videos for brands while competing for prizes. These competitions will help spread awareness for both brands and creators. Like HQ and other cash winning prize apps on the App Store, we see Oevo creating their own idea, with video competitions. Making Oevo, the first video competition app in the world.

You don’t have to be famous to get noticed on Oevo!