Really want to learn programming? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a programmer

Want to learn how to program? Want to be a professional programmer? As an employee or freelance worker? The programming world offers several career possibilities. If you still feel uncertain about the benefits and disadvantages of learning programming, this article might help you. But before continuing, you can start with this guide to learn programming.

For some people, they learn programming to climb a classy career path in a company. This is not wrong but this goal often makes them lose certain things. They may lose the opportunity to own their own company! The programming world offers many amazing things but of course, the superior mentality is absolutely necessary. The mentality is not about competition or about having to beat others, but about your confidence in considering that you can achieve all your goals in one way or another.

Programmer is not a perfect career

A calm and long river, with a peaceful flow and without storm currents, is what many professionals want when looking for work. Is there a perfect career, a job where everything goes smoothly and nothing blocks the perfect picture? It is almost certain that no career can offer this guarantee of perfection.

Somehow, it is a fact that faces certain challenges and faces certain obstacles that test the profession someone is doing, which gives direction to the way someone decides to take it. Trade inherent in the field of computing does not reduce this situation. With a little inconvenience, this career continues to attract more professionals to learn programming, thanks to its assets and all the undeniable possibilities.

The Disadvantages:

Physical disorders

In fact, hours spent sitting and learning programming in front of a computer can cause muscle injury. Not only that, but vision can also be reduced. Thus, ergonomics of workplaces and sports to protect the body becomes necessary to reduce the risk of health problems. Who would have thought that to become a programmer, one must think of protecting oneself from physical disorders?

Physical disorders are not the only problem!

In an environment where work speeds are high, where tight deadlines are the enemy we have to face, stress holds a bigger place. By engaging in a profession that occupies a central position, it is only natural that stress levels increase. Broken software, confusion about some programming basics, databases that don’t respond to any commands, this is a type of problem that increases stress levels, especially if it has to be resolved as quickly as possible.

And of course everything you want might not happen

Good careers, successful programs, games downloaded by millions of people and so on … all are the dreams of every programmer. But there is always the possibility that none of this is achieved. Competition in this sector is very hard.

The Advantages:

Then what about the benefits of learning programming and becoming a programmer? Well, the chances are not lacking, and they are very interesting! If there is such an important advantage, the job market is hungry for trained programmers. This shows the importance of programmers in various companies and institutions! Learning to code gives many benefits …

This is a profession that produces satisfaction

When choosing a career, it is legitimate to find a sense of importance at work. In the world of programming, professional gifts will not be long: A programmer can quickly become the center of his environment. Being a benchmark for one’s coworkers certainly feels important and valued. Also, the financial aspect is very interesting because the evolution of salary follows a career path.

To prepare for a career in constant evolution, with various challenges and with great responsibility, prospective programmers need to move to good schools from programmer analysts and learn how to program. By obtaining comprehensive training, facing the challenges of work reality becomes easier to manage. Awareness is important because it allows prospective programmers to consider the pros and cons of making informed choices and succeed in future careers.

Programmers are professions that have lots of potential and lots of versatility if you learn to explore them, so from now on instead of waiting to be hired by the company, think about how you can get money from your own knowledge and inspire yourself! Learn as much as possible the programming basics! What is your situation as a programmer? Do you work as an employee or be independent? Will you learn programming more seriously? Answer these questions so you will get an enlightenment.


The basics of programming, however difficult to learn, are the basis for your bright future. With them you can be an independent person, not only financially but also independent of dependence on others. If you’re learning how to code, you have a great opportunity to succeed. However there is no profession that is truly perfect. You may experience failure in the midst of your struggle. One thing is certain, keep trying and if you believe your fate is in this sector then do it!

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