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The entertainment industry has grown into a large-scale industry with a massive struggle between the competitors. Especially the TV industry has developed a lot. It is way far diverse and entertaining than the past. Thanks to the internet and video resolution technologies, we can now choose the service that can entertain them maximum. Customers have enough alternatives if they do not find the service satisfying. So this factor compels the providers to offer all the features that will match the customers’ requirements. Therefore, we can watch all the latest shows and movies on the TV.

Charter Spectrum:

In the context of the entertainment, cable TV providers can be easily ranked. Some of the top providers are Charter Spectrum, Comcast, and AT&T. But we will discuss the services of Charter. It is famous for its cost-effective and reliable service. Users get the same experience at the lower price than other companies offer higher rates for these services. Also, it provides the latest entertainment with its regular addition to the movies and shows list.

Charter Triple Play Packages:

Charter offers its custom-designed Triple Play packages for its all three services (Cable TV, phone, and the internet).

The main difference between all of the packages is the channel lineup.

1.Triple Play Select:

  • 125+ Free HD channels
  • Channels are included from all categories like sports, news, movies, music, fashion, education, science, adventure, food, and history.

2.Triple Play Silver:

  • 175+ free HD channels
  • Many premium channels

3.Triple Play Gold:

  • 200+ free HD channels
  • Exclusive premium channels

Same Quality Service for All Packages:

Besides the difference of channels, Charter Spectrum TV Plans offer the same quality of service. Some main features of the packages are listed below.

  • 100 Mbps internet connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth enough for the whole family to stream
  • Free Wi-Fi router for home
  • Free installation
  • Free online security suite
  • Free Wi-Fi hotspot at public places nationwide
  • Unlimited free local calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and the Dominican Republic.
  • 28 unique calling features to comfort the user
  • No hidden and extra charges

Now, we will discuss the features included in the packages especially about TV.

Premium Channels; Everything for Everybody:

Charter is distinguished from other providers when we talk about premium channels. Its channel lineup includes all the prestigious channels of the nation. These channels cover all the ongoing favorite TV shows and the latest movies released. So customers can enjoy all the original series and videos without having a separate subscription service for this purpose.

One thing to remember that channel lineup varies in every region. You may see a different channel lineup. If you want to know the exact channel lineup of your area, Call Charter customer representative or visit the official website of Spectrum.

Have a look on its premium channels and the TV series and movies it offers.


  • Silicon Valley
  • West World
  • Vice
  • Succession
  • Last Week Night with John Oliver
  • Sharp Objects


  • Who is America?
  • Billions
  • The Fourth State
  • Shameless
  • Patrick Melrose
  • Our Cartoon President
  • Homeland
  • The Affair


  • Strike Back
  • B Strike
  • Rellik
  • The Knick


  • Power
  • Sweet Bitter
  • American Gods
  • Outlander
  • Wrong Man


  • Deep State
  • Get Shorty
  • Graves
  • America Divided
  • Berlin Station


These premium channels offer the latest movies every week releases in the cinema. So if the users didn’t manage to go to the cinema, they could still watch the film.

Spectrum TV App:

If you are not in the home, it’s not an issue. Charter’s mobile app gives you the same taste that you experience on the TV. Through the app, customers can watch the live streaming of all channels. They can watch any show and movie from the available list of thousands of shows and movies. This app also acts as a control panel as customers can regulate all of their Spectrum devices.

Watch Spectrum TV online:

For the ease of accessibility, Charter has also designed an online portal to watch TV. Users can view the live streaming and thousands of shows and movies on the portal. Also, it has many features that are included in the mobile application. The portal can be accessed by visiting or on any laptop, tablet, or PC.

DVR is also free:

Another fantastic feature of the Charter’s package is free DVR service. It allows the customers to record four programs at once. They can record a single program or entire series at once. So, customers can watch the recorded content later anywhere on Spectrum TV app.

Parental Controls:

Charter helps the parents by providing a unique regulating panel to the parents. Its parental controls allow the parents to modify the TV settings for kids. They can block any channel, filter the adult content, set time restrictions, create and change PIN for parental controls, and sort the channels according to ratings. All these tools help the kids to learn and grow in a safe environment.

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