Ways in Which Technology Can Negatively Impact Your Relationship

The information era has greatly changed the way people conduct themselves in education, business and the entire human interaction. With technological inventions such as social media, Instant messaging and email, it has become easier for people to communicate in a more convenient manner. Friends and families in different locations around the world can now communicate face to face at any time they consider appropriate. Dating sites from where you can find a bride have also not been left behind since they match thousands of people successfully.

However, as the society tries to adapt to these new avenues of contact, there are other ways in which technology is getting rid of personal connections. This is especially the case in most intimate relationships. Here are some of the ways in which technology is negatively impacting relationships.

  • Depression

Continuous use of social media is known to affect the mental health negatively. Most people who spend time on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter end up developing depression. Additionally, they can also suffer from low moods together with a decline in life satisfaction and the sense of well-being. This is because they fear missing out on what is posted on social media rather than concentrating on their normal life.

  • Distraction

Technology is one of the most effective distractions at the moment. This is regardless of whether it is absent or you are using it over a long period of time. For instance, with the presence of your partner, you may still end up being distracted by your Smartphone. Your relationship is thus doomed to fail since achieving effective communication becomes difficult.

Technology can also cause distractions even when you are not using it. If you are that much into your smartphone, you may find it hard to communicate when it is not in your hands. Since you are used to your smartphone, you will develop higher anxiety levels even when it is taken away for just 5 minutes. You will thus fail to give your partner the needed attention as you are busy thinking about your smartphone.

  • Intimacy

It is normal for an intimate relationship to experience challenges at some point in life. However, with changing technologies, these challenges seemto be increasing since the way individuals use them tend to create issues between romantic partners. This action in turn leads to dissatisfaction and conflicts in the relationship.

In many relationships, you will hear partners complaining about the excessive time that one spends on a device. Instead of setting aside time for the partner, one is busy uploading photos in social media or playing games. When this becomes the norm, you may end up losing your partner as they feel their presence is not adding value to your life.

Over dependence on technology might lead to misunderstandings and hence partners may miss the chance of repairing their relationship. To avoid putting yourself into this situation, you should consider grounding new platforms and devices as the may change communication and how people associate with one another. Alternatively, you can decide to reduce the time spent on messaging services, applications and devices.

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