Web Hosting

A web hosting service is a necessity for any website. A website needs to be supported by something in the back that can keep it online and run at all times. To do that, a server is required which hosts the website and provides it with the internet connectivity it needs and the functionalities to keep it online at all times. A hosting service is thus the most important part of having a website. The servers used for hosting a website are often located at data centres that can be paid for specific server space. A data centre typically has dozens or even hundreds of servers hosting as many websites.

The Importance of a Hosting Service

A website needs to be online 24/7. It has to be available for the public at each and every moment, requiring constant internet connectivity to do so. You might have often seen websites crashing or being unavailable for use, that’s when they lose internet connectivity and are not online. Making sure that websites are always online and have the necessary internet connection for good speed and smooth usage can be quite a hassle. That is why you need a server to be host to your website. A server is designed to be online the entire time and any faults are quickly fixed by maintenance staff.

How a Hosting Service Works

The first part of hosting your website is to get a domain name. A domain name is unique and has its own unique cost. A domain is provided to you by the web hosting service for a specific amount of money. Each domain name has its own particular cost and acts like a duplicate name for the website’s IP address and allows people to visit it.

Once the domain has been created, it is then integrated onto a DNS. DNS stands for domain name server and is the place where all information exchange concerning the domain takes place. A DNS is required to basically support the domain and keep it running. A DNS allows computers to keep track of and locate the correct domains so that no confusion ensues.

A domain and a website are essentially just a cluster of different files that are stored on a computer and connected with the internet. The computer providing them with internet connection and storage is usually known as a “server”. A server is an essential piece of the puzzle as it brings every single aspect of a website together and stores them, while connecting them to the internet to be accessed by people. The server is the place where websites are hosted on.

Why You Should Get A Hosting Service

A hosting service is the best way to have your website come to life and go online for your customers to use. It allows you to keep in contact with your customers and your visitors at all times. Services like A2 Hosting offer unlimited disk space and more at a promotional price. So hire a web hosting service as soon as you can.