GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation went live May 25, 2018. It covers entities who collect data from EU residents and customers. Here, companies must provide a full disclosure of why they’re collecting specific information and how they intend to use the personal data.

At its core, GDPR seeks to protect consumers’ personal data against misuse. Businesses and organisations must abide by it or risk paying a hefty fine. Ensuring full compliance is no easy task. One way to start is to ensure that controls, policies and procedures are assessed regularly.

Keep internal policies up to date for future investments. Privacy notices must be reviewed, and third parties who process your data must be supervised. If you’re using the cloud, then it will be best to implement the latest security protocols and protection to meet GDPR standards.

Support Workforce Awareness

Organisations must hold comprehensive awareness programs that answer everything employees must know about GDPR and its effect.

Perform Data Flow Audits

An audit will help identify where all the collected data is going and how it’s being transferred from one place to another. A data map identifies the following vital components:

Data Items. Records such as email address, name and other details.

Format. If it’s contained in a database, online data entry or hard copy.

Location. By cloud, third party or traditional offices.

Method of Transfer. Internal or external, by phone or post.

These information should give you an idea of who can have access and the personnel who can be held accountable for breach of data.

Assemble a Team For GDPR

HireGDPR is a site dedicated to furnishing companies with GDPR-ready staff. You can hire Change Managers, Data Managers, Project Managers, Data Analysts and experts with the skill you need to ensure total GDPR compliance.

DPOs are rare and the demand continues to soar. Why spend enormous resources when you can get GDPR-trained staff quickly and with less time? Simply outsource the needed manpower to the professionals at HireGDPR to save invaluable time and money.

The team should be comprised of members from different business units. They will be the liaisons for their respective departments for any and all GDPR compliance issues.

Invest In Cybersecurity Insurance

Good cyber insurance will keep your systems protected from unforeseen threats. In terms of finances, this crucial investment is insignificant compared to what a data breach can cost you.

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