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Do you have the habit of following trending business news? Are reading about updates like the new updated Facebook Algorithm, or the release of the new iPhone gadgets? Then you would have read about the launch of WhatsApp for Business. But thinking how WhatsApp for Business would be beneficial for you as an online marketer. Read this article to know more on WhatsApp for Local Business Marketing!

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Reasons to Use WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing has received a grand attention in today’s online marketing platform because of the mentioned features:

  • Free to use, i.e. no cost
  • Send images, ebooks, brochures, and catalogs.
  • Free use of Survey tool! Ask for feedback directly from customers.
  • Make use for group discussions and meetings.
  • Send alerts about new events and sales.
  • Message alerts ensure users know when a message is waiting.

Pros of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing offers many more benefits when compared to both email and other social media platforms.

  • ZERO Cost and ZERO Algorithmic Procedure: Using WhatsApp can you can send messages to your entire recipients with ZERO costs.  You may already aware of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and new rules, but when it comes to WhatsApp Marketing, there are ZERO algorithms. The one and only thing you need to keep in mind are – You need to send messages to your subscribers without getting blocked by them.
  • Instant Message Alerts: Recent statistics revealed that nearly 70% of messages have a chance to get opened within 3 minutes of sending. This is amazing and offers more engagement when compared to email marketing performance.
  • Separate/Private conversations: You can have coordinate contact with your customers protected from general visibility.
  • User-Friendly App: Currently, WhatsApp offers many features to simplify the use of WhatsApp various as compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This permits you to urge visibility wherever there’s not such a lot competition.
  • Loyal subscribers: When using WhatsApp Opt-outs are very low when compared to Text message Marketing and other marketing strategies! Many brands reported that traffic and conversion metrics from WhatsApp are doing the best if you use WhatsApp for marketing with a well-executed strategy.

How Local Businesses Can Grow Up Through WhatsApp

Local Business – The name itself, you will get an idea! Yes, businesses that work nearly in brick-and-mortar locations. If you’re thinking about to start a local business or looking to design a well-executed strategy for your existing business, then just enable WhatsApp for Business as an online marketing tool to accelerate your campaign and get ready enjoy more sales and ROI benefits.

WhatsApp is one of the best applications for sending bulk messages to all the subscribers. WhatsApp allows you to send a message to multiple contacts using different methods. That’s by using – Group Chat, WhatsApp Group and WhatsApp Broadcast.

WhatsApp instant messaging platform that provides multiple features to send multimedia messages like audio, images and video clips at free of cost. One of the best things about WhatsApp is – This instant messaging app is platform friendly and compatible where you can use this device on all operating systems like android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Desktop as well.

There are numerous online businesses as well as local companies are stepping beyond WhatsApp for Business, thus it provides the accessibility to their customers to get more information about the products online. Via WhatsApp, you can share the picture of your product or services offered by you, along with the brief description to all your contacts. Using WhatsApp, you can easily target potential customers. And also, Local Business owners can also share their mode of contact along with the contact details and geographical location. By doing this, your customers will be able to contact you without any difficulties and get their queries clarified instantly.

How to Use It for WhatsApp for Local Business Marketing

Before we dive into three basic ways to use WhatsApp for local marketing!  Let us discuss the three ways in detail:-

Marketing campaigns

Running a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is as same as similar to the marketing campaigns which you would run on Instagram and Facebook. For instance: While implementing WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, you can ask people to share photos of their favorite brand which you were offering from your physical shop or else, you can send the coupon codes and discount offers via WhatsApp.

Group messaging

Using WhatsApp, you can create groups based on the niche of your customers. And via group, you can send offers or useful tips or information to your customer daily. You can also use WhatsApp as a form to start discussions to get feedback on a product or service.

Customer support

If you have more customers in your WhatsApp contact list, then you can use this WhatsApp app as 24X7 contact list! Rather than filling out the form and dialing the customer care number, texting on WhatsApp in easier and gives you more comfort!

How Marketing With Whatsapp Can Be an Effective Way

As one of the leading messaging application for the mobile device, WhatsApp allows their users to send text messages and other multimedia contents like images, audio, video, and GIF to communicate with your customers saved on your WhatsApp contact book.

Now, WhatsApp is enriched with more and more features which can be used in the right way to promote big, medium and small sized business online. The features of WhatsApp are listed below:-

Group Targeting

Using WhatsApp, you can target the entire level of customers who have similar interests. While creating the group itself, make sure to create the group by differentiating them based on their interests and demand.


It’s really effective and affordable to run WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns. You can ask your customers to share their images while using your products or posing in front of your store. At the end of the contest, you can announce the winner or else you can give prizes or discounts. This allows you to grow your customer base and increase your business reach.

WhatsApp for Customer Support

Since almost everyone is using WhatsApp nowadays, this app can also be a very helpful tool for customer support. And also, people prefer to text rather than calling or filling out the form. So, nearly 90% of people use this medium to solve their problems or get product or service information and advice.

Since WhatsApp is offering tons of benefits, it is easier for marketers to approach their targeted customers via WhatsApp. This communication medium has been used by almost all popular brands and businesses all over the world. Using WhatsApp, you can now promote your business both effectively, creatively and innovatively.

Local Businesses and WhatsApp

There is a better correlation between Local Business and WhatsApp. If you’re planning to use WhatsApp Marketing to kick-start your local business, then it’s the right decision you’ve ever taken.

WhatsApp acts as the great tool to send bulk messages, video and audio clips for FREE. And also this instant messaging app is compatible with almost all platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and BlackBerry etc.

Local businesses can advertise WhatsApp number via billboards, flyers etc. and tell their audience that they can purchase via WhatsApp. Now, once your customers opt-in to your subscriber list, you can share images of your products.  You can also share the live location of your store to your customer. So that, they will be able to visit your store using the Map.

Features Offered by WhatsApp for Business

Bulk Messaging

When it comes to sending WhatsApp Messages, there is no limit in delivering text messages for reaching your targeted user and traffic. This feature makes WhatsApp one of the best applications to promote services and products through text message, audio, and video formats. With the help of broadcasting feature, you can easily target moreusers and clients hassle-free.

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Targeting to Group

WhatsApp Group messaging provides you anabilityto target many of groups at a time and also give the permission to createmultiple groups for different services and product. So while creating WhatsApp Group itself create a group accordingly based on the client interests and start a conversation with your audience of the group. It also helps you to create a reputation among your all clients in every group by sharing your contents to all other groups in their contacts.

Marketing Campaigns

Via WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, you can inform your customers to share their pictures while using your product or ask them to snap a pic by standing in front of your billboard etc. And also, announce some discount or offers for this contest. This will attract more customers to enroll in this contest and which provides you witha large number of database accessibility.

Customer Support Assistance

Due to a wider spread of WhatsApp, this messaging app is considered as the best communication tool between business owners and customers. Rather than filling out forms, dialing numbers and dropping emails, most people prefer texting. So that you can easily sort out customers’ query and provide them all the information about your products and services.

Why Should You Include WhatsApp Marketing For Local Business?

Advertise Your Products

If you’re introducing a new product or services in the market, you can make use of WhatsApp Marketing to advertise your product. You can promote your new product or services by sending a status update or sending a FREE demo version of the product in WhatsApp Group or using WhatsApp Broadcast to all the contacts in your subscriber’s list.

Since there are less sending and receiving restrictions than with SMS and Emails, WhatsApp application is an effective and result-oriented way to promote your business.

The one and only thing you need to keep in mind are – make sure you target those customers who are in your contact list i.e. who are opt-in for your servicesbecause people hate messages from unknown people/companies.

Instant Reply

Using WhatsApp, local business can send out instant reply to their customers! Local Business owners should advertise their WhatsApp numbers and request the customers to send their queries via WhatsApp! Resolving customer queries online in a timely and personalised way will build the trust among the customers, and thus helps your business to stand out.

Free of Cost

Local businesses and companies can easily deliver unlimited data like text messages, pictures, audio and video clips without spending any single penny. You should have an internet connection and a smartphone, after that you can send multiple unlimited messages without any obstacle. So, as we can say, this is one of the best convenient marketing tools across the globe.

One to One Communication

Often customers feel shy or awkward to communicate through group chat. So, while sending a promotional message itself, give another number to contact you personally. Or else you can also use the broadcast feature to send messages. WhatsApp Broadcast Message acts as same as WhatsApp Group Chat, but there are few slight changes.

Quick Response

You can use WhatsApp as the survey tool to collect feedback and reviews about your products and services to establish one good business relationship with your customers. Just ask them to send their doubts or queries through WhatsApp and you sort out and response them ASAP. Doing this will add more trust and credibility for your business!

WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) for Your Business

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What BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing Software Offers?

  • User-friendly tool
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  • Create & schedule WhatsApp campaigns in seconds
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