Which Glasses Suit Your Personality and Lifestyle?

The glasses that you wear constitute a major part of your identity since people usually recognize you by your face.

The perfect eyeglasses can help you in shaping how you are perceived whether it is style-conscious, conservative, youthful, fun-loving, or sophisticated. In addition, if you choose to wear the same pair of glasses at all the occasions, they portray you, too.

Your Eyewear says a lot about You

Eyeglasses can aid people to see the real you or they can create an image of you that you want. The key is to look for the right frames of glasses to match your lifestyle and personality. The first step for deciding which pair will suit you the best is to ask yourself a few questions like what kind of work you do and what are your leisure activities besides work.

Are you a public relations professional, a business owner or an executive? Perhaps you are a student, a retired senior, a busy mom, or an active outdoor enthusiast? Or maybe you are a creative person, like a writer or an artist. Or, like the majority, do you have a lifestyle that includes numerous activities, personality traits, and interests?

Everybody can benefit from more than a pair of glasses, similarly we all require more than a pair of footwear. Usually, wearing formal shoes with a sports uniform can be a mismatch. In the same way, wearing the wrong frame of glasses can be a mistake.

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Eyewear for Business

To help infuse confidence and trust among so many people like colleagues and business client, it is best to stick to traditional frame colors and shapes. Consider the following choices to boost your professional image:

  • In plastic frames, no extraordinary shapes or vivid colors
  • Traditional colors of black, gray, silver, brown, and gold
  • Classic shapes like rectangles, almonds, and ovals

Rimless frame styles are good choices, as are stainless steel and titanium frame materials.

For colors, black, brown, gunmetal, and silver are usually great options since they match well with different business suits. Espresso, tortoise patterns, and golden tones are wonderful for business wear for men and women alike.

Eyewear for Fashion and Creative Types

One way to portray your fashionista, creative side is through classic and modern shapes in larger and thicker plastic frames.

Another way is to go for multi-colored frames since they are more eye-catching. These colors may be bright like orange, or dark like violet.

One more possibility is to go for vintage or retro frame styles as these are trending these days. An updated version of frames with fresh finishes, materials, and colors never go out of style.

Glasses for Seniors

Just because you are around your retirement age or have already retired does not mean you have to wear old-fashioned, stodgy glasses. Instead of using the big metal frames, go for styles that provide you with a more youthful appearance. Shapes like cat-eye for women and soft rectangles for men are good preferences to take into consideration.

In addition, frames with gloss finishing add life to a face. Try avoiding frames that are in matte black, gray or other dark colors.

Glasses for Students

Whether you are a student of French literature, art, engineering, or business, college is the time for the development of your identity and showing off your lifestyle.

Maybe you are interested in a modern frame with lots of colors? An intellectual, sober style? A retro, geeky look?

Larger sizes, bright colors, unusual shapes, and interesting details like colors – the choices are never-ending. Do not be frightened of expressing yourself during this cheerful time of your life.

Eyeglasses for the Athlete

Many people live dual lives – a 9-5er weekday life and active weekend’s life.

Just like not every necklace goes with every dress, not every eyeglass goes with every outfit. Therefore, for the best performance, comfort, and safety during leisure and active wear, choose at least one pair of sports eyeglasses or just a sports-suggestive, the more casual frame of glasses.

Styling may wrangle from conventionally shaped eyeglasses to wraparounds. Sporty looks may include patterns, bright colors, and modern combinations of plastic and metal materials.

A well-informed optician can advise you about the right frame for your active lifestyle and sports vision needs.

The Bottom Line

Just like our clothes and footwear, eyewear speaks a lot about ourselves. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose eyewear as wisely as we choose our clothes. The frames of the glasses must fit us right and the shape must suit our faces. Only then can we be confident about our style and comfortable with the glasses everywhere.

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