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Broadband Data Caps: Are You Being Throttled?

Here is an ugly fact of life in the United States — more than 64 percent of subscribers live with broadband data caps…

Here is an ugly fact of life in the United States — more than 64 percent of broadband subscribers live with broadband data caps. That said, not all internet service providers (ISPs) have implemented broadband data caps and not all caps are the same. In other words, although it is true that scumbags are scumbags, some are worse than others.

Fundamentally, ISPs use broadband data caps to boosts revenues — it’s all about increasing profits, a nickel here and dime there, without incurring public outcry by raising baseline rates.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to track broadband data caps and their effect on businesses and consumers, but the agency has left that mandate unfulfilled — file consumer complaint. However, GigaOM has stepped up to scratch that itch by publishing a list of top ISPs and their broadband data cap policies.

Broadband caps are spreading across the US, and even if Comcast did recently raise its cap of four years from 250 GB a month to 300 GB, the growth of usage based broadband is a negative and insidious trend that could hurt our ability to innovate … The chart contains the top ISPs, and covers more than 80 percent of actual [US] subscribers — GigaOM

Broadband data caps are about throttling competition, leveling the playing field in favor of the ISPs.

Again, the FCC is supposed to be tracking broadband data caps and their effect on consumers. So, if you’re on an ISP that caps/throttles, you really need to file a complaint with the FCC.

Moreover, if your ISP caps data, complain to those bastards, and get your friends and neighbors to complain, as well.

Broadband data caps are evil and we don’t have to take it…

What’s your take?

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