ConnectSocial app

App concept

The ConnectSocial application seeks to bridge the gap between a fast interactive all-round platform that can meet the needs and tastes of various users and a secure application that ensures you are protected all the time. When divine ingenuity meets splendid artistry, the result is the social media application ConenctSocial


The application is available for download on both Apple and Google platforms and it boasts a number of notable features namely:

  • A 7 day free trial which ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for
  • The ability to create and join groups allowing you to build your social network
  • The power to regulate your newsfeed to block unwanted or malicious content
  • An appealing platform to share videos, photos and locations
  • Ability to create and join events
  • Interactive chatting with family, friends and other people on your social network.
  • Utmost social media security and privacy

How the ConnectSocial works

The first step once you download the app would be to create an account. If you wish to post content, you simply click on the create post icon and write what you want then press post. Alternatively, you can view other peoples’ updates via the central newsfeed while blocking offensive posts by highlighting them and selecting “Hide” or “Report Abuse”.

The top section of the central menu is embedded with a host of icons which you can use to actuate a number of functionalities from creating groups and events to uploading photos and videos. It even has a search bar where you can narrow down the news feed to pick out your preferred niche or look for other people also on the app.

Why it is a cut above other apps of its kind

The security of data and the ability to block offensive content definitely makes the ConnectSocial app a one of a kind platform like never seen before. In the present day and age, a number of reputable social media apps have been rocked by the menace of data theft and unsavory content and ConnectSocial puts the wheel in your hands ensuring you can safely navigate the dangers posed by the malicious interwebs.

Why you should try it out right away

Well, for one, you can interact with others without having to worry about your privacy or identity theft. Secondly, it is a ad free, fun, interactive platform that fuses the joys of real-time chatting and sharing special moments and laughs with friends via photo and video uploads.

  1. Its a good app when you want to connect with your specific set of groups like families and’s ad free. Worth downloading..!

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