Why Is Third-Party CBD Testing Important?

As more hemp-derived products flood the market, buyers are confronted with the challenge of finding a product that is effective and safe. Due to the lack of FDA regulation, preventing cut-rate companies from making deceptive claims about the efficiency and contents of their products is almost impossible. For a CBD connoisseur, this might not be an obstacle, but this poses a problem to new consumers who lack proper direction and education.

Although the industry is full of dishonest players who do not uphold standards, most companies take their CBD products quite seriously. Trustworthy manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure that their buyers know precisely what they’re getting. Some even provide information to educate them and assist them in making an informed decision.

Following the CBD boom, many third-party testing labs stated offering examination services to test levels of natural compounds in tinctures. These independent labs can test cannabinoid levels (CBD and THC) as well as terpene levels. In addition, labs also look for fragments of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents that jeopardize users’ health.

What Is Third-Party Testing?

Independent laboratory testing simply implies that the labs doing the testing are not affiliated with the manufacturer or the brand. Their purpose is to test the potency of the products to provide transparency and quality control.

When you are shopping for CBD, read the contents thoroughly, and look for third-party testing results; These will confirm levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes. Also, look out for traces of pesticides and solvents, as these are your red flags indicating that the product shouldn’t be trusted.

Companies that use third-party CBD testing lab are watching out for their consumers. These industry leaders go above and beyond to ensure that the CBD products they provide maintain a high reputation.

What Do These Laboratories Do?

These independent test labs engage in various examinations to ensure the purity and potency of the products. Let’s go over those different types of analyses they offer.

1. Test for Hemp Potency

Knowing the exact concentration of a product is necessary for consumers. In the cannabis potency test, these labs measure the number of specific cannabinoids present in the extract, including THC and CBD. Not everybody seeks out CBD products. Some may be interested in products high in THC. These cannabinoid concentrations can help a consumer identify the type of product to use or stay away from.

2. Test for Residual Solvents in hemp

By definition, a solvent is a liquid in which a solute is dissolved to form a solution. Solvents are often used to extract cannabinoids and terpenoids from the hemp plant. These solvents can vary from chemical-free CO2 to more strident chemicals. If a tincture is formulated by harsher chemical extractions, residual solvents may exist in the final product.

By estimating the amounts of solvent in a cannabis concentrate, testing labs are able to provide manufacturers with the information they need to adjust their method and make sure they’re producing the highest-quality products.

3. Test for hemp Pesticides

The presence of pesticides in a CBD product shows that pesticides were applied when growing the plant or that pesticides polluted the plant. Identifying the presence of pesticides in a product provides consumers much-needed data to make informed judgments about whether or not to try that product.

4. Screen Hemp Products on a Microbial Level

Screen Hemp Products on a Microbial Level

Microorganisms can induce diseases in two approaches. First is through active contamination in which a high-level of replication in the host can steer to structural damage and critical hyperactivation of the immune system. The second is because some species of bacteria and fungi can create toxins that can be ingested and cause infection.

Nearly all natural compounds contain amounts of natural microbial. Quantifying those amounts can benefit consumers, as well as producers on determining which products to use and how to use them.

Where to Find the Highest-Quality CBD Products

Third-party testing provides consumers, manufacturers, and retailers with specific and necessary information about the potency and safety of their CBD products. Are you looking for trustworthy CBD products? Try Green Roads. They provide the highest quality, pharmacist formulated CBD products on the market. Their obsession with the purity and potency of ingredients and multi-stage third-party lab testing are all part of their commitment to their customers.

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