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When we hear the term ‘laser’, most of us will envisage a big industrial machine that can cut through even the most impenetrable steel. It’s true, the invention of the laser has changed the way that we cut, weld, harden and engrave. But that’s not all. Lasers have found their way into the cosmetic and beauty industry, and they’re making waves.

How does a cosmetic laser work?

Cosmetic lasers work the same way as traditional lasers. They emit an intense beam of monochromatic light that gets absorbed by skin pigment. For example, in laser hair removal face treatment the light will target hair follicles around the face, damaging them enough to suspend hair growth for months at a time. The hair follicle won’t be permanently destroyed and hair growth will eventually resume. But given the semi-permanent efficacy of laser hair removal, the beauty potential of this therapy is catching on fast.

One of the reasons why laser is trending in the cosmetic world is that it can be used for almost any part of the body. You can even have laser hair removal ear treatment that removes unwanted hair from the ears and the nose. The most popular areas of the body to receive treatment are the legs and back for both men and women. Since laser hair removal will reduce the need to buy disposable cosmetic goods such as razors, tweezers and waxes it’s already changing our economy.

cosmetic laser work

Beyond hair removal

While laser hair removal is by far the biggest selling cosmetic laser treatment, there are plenty of other treatments that can be performed with this super technology. Another highly popular machine that can be used to achieve similar results to a laser is the IPL hair removal machine.

According to, IPL involves broad-spectrum light, which targets pigment in the skin. It is less discriminatory than the laser, in that it won’t just attach to a hair follicle, but it will also treat the skin that surrounds it. IPL has been used for a wide variety of treatments from hair removal to smoothing wrinkles and alleviating symptoms of acne. This being coined the “photofacial” and while it remains much pricier than a spa treatment, the benefits will last you for a long time. Laser can also be used in weight loss by melting fat cells in key parts of the body as well as tightening the skin. This process is known as lipolysis. Nevertheless, treatments like lipolysis are considered purely cosmetic and only a healthy diet and exercise program can ultimately lead to effective weight loss.

Yet even laser can’t resolve everything, at least with the technology at its current state of development. In the example of laser hair removal, the treatment will be most effective on fair skin tones that have darker hair. Experts predict that we will start seeing an improved laser for all skin types by 2020. Moreover, the ability of the laser to treat skin conditions will depend on individual characteristics.

Beyond hair removal

The future of cosmetic laser

 All over the world medical professionals are celebrating laser and IPL as highly effective methods of skin treatment, and as shown by the gate way to US Federal Science, further uses are being continuously researched. There is a global race to discover more amazing ways to make use of the laser in the health and beauty sector. What makes laser stand out in both medical and aesthetic procedures is that it’s able to target the treatment to specific problem areas, without adversely affecting the whole body. For the patient, it means little to no side effects.

In the USA, researchers are trialling lasers on skin cancer patients. They hope that one day, laser can be used to effectively treat cancerous cells without leaving unsightly scars. Lasers may also eventually be able to regulate pain and even stimulate endorphins, making us feel happier. Even though these last two are likely decades away, it proves that laser is truly the technology of the future.

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