widsmob screenshot

Without a doubt, browsing photos is more convenient if you’re able to view them in a single platform. This is especially true if you’re using a Mac, where this capability isn’t exactly readily available. With WidsMob Viewer, this issue is promptly addressed.

You only need to launch it to see just how efficient and convenient this software is. It immediately takes note of your computers folders and displays solely the images that are contained in them, then proceeds to organize them in a Library. Otherwise, you just have to click on the + and – icons to start adding folders manually. What’s even better is that it offers support for plenty of image formats that people usually use (may it be JPG, PNG, BMP, among others).

It also has a unique Library Mode which makes viewing that much easier. This mode allows you to use directional keys to quickly browse through pictures in a specific folder. You can enter Library Mode by clicking on the Play button.

If you want to get to a specific photo as soon as possible, you only need to click on Index Sheet to view all photos in the folder. The software lets you freely adjust how you view the image. Do you want to view it in its actual size, for instance? Or you can just click on Fit to Screen to make it compatible with the screen of your device.

compatible with the screen of your device.

Other notable modes include Thumbnail Mode and EXIF Mode. The former simply renders all the images into thumbnails for even more convenient viewing, while the latter is a powerful feature that lets you get the details (such as flash, exposure time, contrast, lens used, and ISO) of a specific photo that you took in order to help you understand your shot better and produce the same results every time.

Incidentally, if you want to give your photos a few tweaks and improvements here and there, know that this software also gives you the freedom to do this. For one, you can add filters and effects (like Sepia, Fade Color, Boost Color, etc.) to your images or even adjust its saturation, contrast, sharpness, exposure, and other fundamental aspects that you’ll normally find in an image editor.    Viewing multiple pictures on your Mac doesn’t get any easier (and faster) than with WidsMob Viewer.

It is its relative speed that makes it such an inimitable app, which is very much worth adding to your Mac computer to improve its functionalities. This rings truer if you have to work with images and photos on a consistent basis. It is an app that gives just about the right amount of features you would expect from an app that focuses on giving users the best experience when working with digital images and photos.

WidsMob Viewer can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS devices right now.