Will Crypto-Currency Exchange Pick Back Up Again in 2019?

Bitcoin launched a trend several years ago, which led to a global phenomenon and a dozen different crypto coins being made.

The exchange market has had all-time highs that led to multimillionaires and the world thinking if cryptocurrencies were indeed the future of digital money.

In 2018 BTC, or bitcoin went from novel token to one of the world’s biggest mover and shaker. The value of BTC was $13,500 after reaching a peak of $19,783.06 in December 2017. A year later, bitcoin has fallen to about $3,400 which was about three fourths of its greatest value. Other cryptocurrencies didn’t rise as much- for example, ETH or Ethereum rose to as high as $1,300, then fell to just $91 on December 2018.

More than value, interest and applications for cryptocurrency waned along investor lines. The question, therefore stands- is the bubble over, and has everything gone back to traditional fiat? Optimists believe that cryptocurrency still has a chance to become widely accepted, and some institutions have picked up cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a way to provide a secure payment system.

Like stocks, crypto has its own share of risks and potential gains. Proposals are being made to soften the risk of loss that comes with investing in bitcoin, including legal measures, regulations and laws to prevent fraud.

Despite all that, cryptocurrency is still alive and kicking. Larger institutions and individual investors have gone mainstream, and sites like https://greencoin.online allow individuals the convenience of buying or selling crypto coins like they do stocks.

Perhaps the best use of crypto is its security features and its decentralized aspect. Paying or receiving crypto coins can be done almost instantaneously and it has a lower transaction fee, if none at all. 2019 has been a resurgence of interest for digital goods, and cryptocurrency along with it. Therefore, it’s safe to say that crypto exchange won’t go anytime soon and now present more opportunities than before.

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